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The Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business w/ PowerWeb
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Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 0072503998
ISBN-13: 9780072503999
Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Irwin
Release Date: July, 2001
Length: N/A
Weight: 3.1 pounds
Dimensions: 10.32 X 8.26 X 1.08 inches
Language: English

The Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business w/ PowerWeb

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List Price: $177.09

Reed, Shedd, Morehead and Corley's, The Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business, is the landmark text that established the field for the Legal Environment of Business course. The 12th Edition continues the fine tradition of highlighting the legal and regulatory environment in which people and companies conduct business acti...
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Customer Reviews

  An interesting textbook - is that allowed??

This book was purchased for a Master level Business Law class. I was fully prepared to use it in place of my sleeping pills. But it was interesting! The concepts are covered well, but not so in-depth that you get lost in the legalese. The cases in each chapter illustrate the laws in action, and the charts and text boxes throughout each chapter make the concepts easier to understand and apply. There are definitions in the back, and a very good index for finding specific topics fast. I actually found my self enjoying this class! This book gives a very good basic grounding in much of what a business person needs to know about the law.
  Legal & Regulatory Environment of Business

Great Book. Better than the other Legal Business books. Great cases. Easy to read and understand. Great for Business law. Other books are more about law instead of business law, Not this book. You be the Judge DVD-Rom is great similation of legal business situations. Book is great for learning Business Law.
  an excellent read

This is being used as a text for a graduate level class. It is enjoyable to read, interesting, lucid, and well organized. The index and glossary are well structured. The authors make excellent use of bold text within the material and have plenty of helpful sidebar notes.
  No Surprises

My purchase of this book was simple and there were no surprises. The condition of the book and the shipment of it were just as promised.
  Informative, enlightening, and well-organized.

Like many Americans, I didn't know much about our country's principles of government or its legal system. This book helped me to become more knowledgeable about both. I admit, this is not reading I would choose to curl up with in front of the fire; this was part of a requirement for my MBA. However, I will remember what I've learned in this text long after my class ends. Having previously been clueless about the legal system, it is now exhilarating to read about, say, how the nine US Supreme Court Justices are dealing with the aftermath of the Gore vs. Bush debacle and actually understand what is going on. The chapters are well-organized and easy to understand. There are even helpful study tips and ways to brief a legal case in the beginning of the text. After completing this book, I not only feel better equipped to handle business decisions, but also feel empowered and enlightened for better understanding our great country.