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Pilgrim: A Novel
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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0060929375
ISBN-13: 9780060929374
Publisher: Harper Perennial
Release Date: January, 2001
Length: 496 Pages
Weight: 11.2 ounces
Dimensions: 7.8 X 5.2 X 1.2 inches
Language: English

Pilgrim: A Novel

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Customer Reviews
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On April 17, 1912 -- ironically, only two days after the sinking of the Titanic -- a figure known only as Pilgrim tries to commit suicide by hanging himself from a tree.  When he is found five hours later, his heart miraculously begins to beat again.  Pilgrim, it seems, can never die. Escorted by his beloved friend, Lady Symbo...
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Customer Reviews

  Intellectually nimble

I found Pilgrim to be a fascinating read. Part history, part psychology, part mystery, Pilgrim leads the reader on a circuitous journey. One needs to be intellectually nimble, to be able to suspend disbelief, and to have either a quick grasp of the wide historical range addressed...or have access to a good encyclopedia.

Pilgrim is a man/woman/spirit/consciousness who has been admitted to a Swiss psychiatric hospital because of his repeated suicide attempts. All attempts, though seeming at first to have succeeded, actually failed, thus "condemning" him, somewhat like Woolf's Orlando, to live forever.

His encounters with famous people throughout history constitute a remarkable chronicle of certain historical periods. His relationship with C.G. Jung, during the years when the latter was developing his theory of the collective unconscious, is particularly intriguing.

I couldn't categorize this book as history, biography, fantasy, psychiatry, psychology, mystery. It defies many of the basic "rules" of any one of these designations and may, therefore, cause some discomfort in a reader who prefers strict logic, easy-to-follow story line, or predictable form. But it's quite a ride for those interested in the exploratory!

  Life Everlasting

In Pilgrim Timothy Findley mixes fiction and fact in a necklace of words that are a feast for the soul. Pilgrim is a man whose past is shrouded in mystery. His story is a remarkable literary gem , a true mosaic for the mind. Findley traverses the heights of imagination in a book filled with passion , adventure and the many textures of life. There is a sparkling freshness to this utterly original creative endeavor.

Pilgrim is as individual as a snowflake. A book which inspires , enlightens and enriches the reader. Pilgrims life is altered by an idealistic Carl Jung who is seeking to serve the betterment of the universe. This book is so well written that at times you forget that its not history , its but a magnificent work of fiction.

Pilgrim is a tremendous achievement. The characters are vibrant , fascinating and astounding. There is a fantastic aura to this piece of literature. Pilgrims is an existence to be celebrated. A mythic existence of presence and being which becomes a journey of understanding and begs the question - What price immortality?

Timothy Findleys artistic vision enchants and inspires. The limitless realities throughout this book make the ordinary extraordinary. Imagination is knowledge and Findley once again proves himself a very wise man. The authentic voice of Timothy Findley takes us to visually stunning places , he paints a vibrant portrait of a man whose very existence is authentic and soul stirring. Pilgrim is a heart centered endeavor that i am profoundly proud to have read.
  Canada's Gem

If you're looking for a diversion or a fun, entertaining read that features a movie plot, you might want to skip this one. If you're looking for literature that actually challenges you, you should definitely consider this book. Mr. Findley's world is one of compelling ideas, fully-realized characters, and some of the best, atmospheric writing I have ever come across. It's not material you can digest right away. It's writing from which you'll gain more with each re-read.

The world lost one of its very best writers when Mr. Findley died. A tragedy for those of us Americans who had only just been introduced to him.
  Spiritually enlivening

This work is entirely different from anything I've ever read. I appreciated the brooding tone of the story and the undercurrent of foreshadowing leading up to its climax. The ending was a little unorthodox and left me with a need for closure, however, I believe Findley does this purposefully as a way to compliment the mysterious and spiritual undertones of the plot. A comfortable, soothing read. Felt as if I were in a reverie, I could almost set it to music.
  I couldn't put it down

I actually started riding the bus to work as an excuse to keep reading this book. Rather than putting me to sleep, it kept me up at night, so badly did I want to know where Findley was going with this story. I promised myself that each page would be the last, and THEN I'd go to sleep, but then the next chapter would come, and I'd still be reading.

Think of the book the way you'd think of a movie like The Remains of the Day with Anthony Hopkins. The beauty is slow and quiet and found in the dialogue and the costumes and in the buildup of information. I think it's a fantastic read.