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Hardcover What's Holding You Back?: 8 Critical Choices for Women's Success Book

ISBN: 0465032621

ISBN13: 9780465032624

What's Holding You Back?: 8 Critical Choices for Women's Success

"Many women will never reach the point where a door bangs in their face because they've already slipped out a side exit."--from the introduction to What's Holding You Back? Most books about women's ambition talk about society's glass ceiling, that infamous external barrier to achievement. This groundbreaking book is the first to explore the psychological glass ceiling--the invisible but powerful thoughts and feelings that stand in the way of real...


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Customer Reviews

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This gifted woman helps others achieve their dreams!

I have been enthusiastically recommending this book to every woman in my peer group ever since I read it. Before I quit my job, I was a lawyer , but I also had a family that needed me at home. I was perpetually struggling to find a middle ground, to be taken seriously at work, to meet the needs of my family. I know the issues Austin discusses are real! I wish I had read the book at the beginning of my career rather than wait until I was discouraged and had already opted out of the workplace. But, when I was starting my career in the early `80's, there were no such books as this. Austin is a trailblazer, a creative thinker who wrote this book to help other women, and I thank her. My attorney friends have been very enthusiastic about the book when I recommended it, but I was surprised that some women in more "traditionally feminine" careers were put off by the "woman's libber" implication of the title, and they refused to read it. Please, don't make that mistake! Austin doesn't try to say that a woman has to fit into the same career mold as a man, nor define achievement the same way, either. In that sense, this book breaks the mold of many books about women's achievement. Austin's goal is not to give tips about how to fit into a man's world. Instead, she gives a map and compass that a woman can use to navigate her own path. A truly empowering book, it convinced me that many of my personal attributes that had sabotaged me in the workplace were, in fact, assets which I could uniquely appreciate and exploit to forge my own, creative career solutions. I think the ideal, target audience for this book is a woman who is gifted, educated, and who really wants to achieve but who doesn't quite know how to overcome the special obstacles that women typically must confront. These obstacles include things like (a chapter devoted to each of the following): the goals we choose (or don't choose) for ourselves to begin with, having self confidence even when no one encourages us, taking risks even when it's uncomfortable, focusing talents even when that means forgoing other possibilities, taking positions of leadership even if it feels like we are neglecting daily tasks, competing head to head with others, dealing with distractions, coping with failure, and wielding power. I'm not a fan of "self help" books, but I could relate with personal examples to every single issue Austin explores in her book. Her book encouraged me enough, personally, that I'm going to give it a go again in law practice, but this time on my own terms and in a way that is more true to my own values. Finally, for those intellectuals among us, this book is well enough researched and documented that, if it had footnotes, it could have been published as a scholarly text in the psychology of gifted and/or achieving women. But it doesn't read in a stilted way. It reads conversationally and easily, much like Austin's radio talk show that I listen to on S.C. Educational Radio.

Just in Time

I was about to give up on my own success until I happened upon this book. I read it in 3 days and I have my desire back at full steam. More good books in this vein are Relationship Rescue and The Romantic's Guide. Both have been invaluable to my marriage.

If you could be doing more with your life, read this book!

"What's Holding You Back" is the most interesting and motivating book I've read since attending college 20 years ago. Dr. Austin provides strategies for women to achieve their dreams, without undermining motherhood. As a former marketing professional and current at-home mom (the last eight years) it's given me the motivation I've needed to stop worrying about all the barriers and rather focus on taking the steps now to achieving my goals.Dr. Austin explores the differences between men's and women's roles in the family and society and how this shapes women's self-esteem and expectations for achievement. She then offers a practical step-by-step plan for accomplishing your goals. The book is filled with inspiring and amusing stories of famous and not-so-famous women who achieved their goals despite overwhelming obstacles. Whatever your background or age, you'll know "if they can do it, I can do it!".Regarding her appearance on "Oprah" last week, Dr. Austin was the most intelligent and charismatic psychiatrist Oprah has had. It was fascinating to see how Dr. Austin "zeroed-in" on the conflicts of each guest and provided an insightful and meaningful solution that each woman could use to improve her life. Unfortunately, in one hour they only touched the surface of her book. I hope Dr. Austin will return for a more comprehensive interview.

This book...enhances resilience, in finding life's passion.

This book gives you the keys to your true desire, of what YOU are meant to do..your life's passion. The author, gradually coaxes you out of your shell so to speak, with steps to encourage to keep on the journey of discovery. She teaches you how to rebound, when the "going gets tough", to stay focused. She highlights on, how to face challenges, fear, take risks,to uncover what it is You want to do with your life. It is never too discover your lifetime passion, what is your position, job in life.

This book...enhances resilience, in finding life's passion.

One discovers the keys to uncover your dream job. You can with the author's tips, discover your life's work. The author gradually coaxes you out of your shell, with steps to encourage you to keep on the path of discovery. She teaches you how to rebound, when the " going gets tough "and how to stay focused. Steps are discussed regarding how to face challenges, take risks, and enhance your resilience to continue on the journey. It is never to late to discover your passion, what it is YOU were meant to do, to arrive at your dream job, to use your talent not wake up one day, wondering..if only or I wish i had done .........this book will enhance YOU!
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