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Paperback Well-Preserved: Recipes and Techniques for Putting Up Small Batches of Seasonal Foods Book

ISBN: 0307405249

ISBN13: 9780307405241

Well-Preserved: Recipes and Techniques for Putting Up Small Batches of Seasonal Foods

A collection of 30 small batch preserving recipes and 90 recipes in which to use the preserved goods for anyone who's ever headed to their local farmers' market reciting the mantra "I will not overbuy" but has lumbered home with bags overflowing with delicious summer strawberries, zucchini blossoms, and tomatoes, or autumn apples, pears, and cauliflower. Preserving recipes like Marinated Baby Artichokes are followed by recipes for dishes like Marinated...


Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

So Much More Than a Canning Cookbook

Well-Preserved is not a compendium of canning recipes. Why does this need to be stated? Because the cover of the book pictures an attractive arrangement of filled canning jars so readers may rightfully deduce this is an encyclopedia of canning recipes. Further, the title "Well-Preserved: recipes and techniques for putting up small batches of seasonal foods" taken at face value, would lead a reader to believe the book contains nothing but canning recipes. This too is not an accurate representation of the contents of the book. The cookbook only contains 29 recipes for canning, freezing and curing, and 88 recipes that illustrate how the author uses the canned and preserved foods. Confused? Well, a look at the other reviews would indicate a number of readers are confused and annoyed the book didn't deliver what they expected. To make matters worse, another book was released almost to the day, in May 2009, with a nearly identical title, so potentially some of the purchasers of this book may have thought they were buying that book. This is such an unfortunate circumstance for the author, Eugenia Bone, because she has created a very special cookbook. As much a writer as a chef, she lavishly shares her stories and by the end of the book, the reader has entered the life of Ms. Bone and knows as much about her and how she learned a technique or where she buys her produce or the story behind a recipe or about her apartment in New York City or her cabin in Colorado or her children and husband as about canning and preserving. If only the book had a title like "Recipes Using Foods Preserved at Home" the criticisms would be non-existent. Clearly, this is not a book for someone strictly seeking canning recipes - there are only 17 actual canning recipes, the remaining 12 recipes involve other methods of preservation such as refrigerator or freezer techniques. But, books filled with canning recipes are easy to find. This is a book filled with ideas on how to creatively use foods preserved at home. Ms. Bone carefully explains how to properly can and preserve, launches into the recipes she turns to time and again to create these preserved foods and then follows with recipes utilizing the preserved goods - a complete circle. Will I follow what she does to the letter? No, but as she tosses excellent ideas out by the handful she gives the reader ideas for other combinations and ways to use the preserved foods, all things I will definitely apply in my cooking. I did not plan on reading the book from cover to cover but I did. I also had no plans to write a review defending the book, but as an avid canner I learned much from the book - just not what I expected to learn. No one wants to waste hard earned money or precious time, but this book, in its proper context, is cohesive and filled with value. Sometimes we head-out on a trip and end-up off the path on what results in a much better adventure. That's what this book is - a scenic excursion.

Canning and preserving for the down-home gourmet

I got this book out at the library and now it is on my wishlist. It is a definite keeper. I have used many books on canning and preserving. This is the one I find most inspirational. If you want to know the basics about canning get the Ball Blue Book. That will deliver bulk recipes for many different types of produce albeit with few pictures and little description. Well-Preserved is the other end of the spectrum. It goes beyond canning and offers recipes for curing, smoking, freezing, and preserving in oil. It has lovely photos and descriptions of each of the 29 "master recipes" as well as several mouth-watering recipies using each of the preserved foods. This book will make you want to prepare, share, and eat the bounty of your garden with style. If I want to know how to make strawberry jam I'll grab the Ball Blue Book. However, if I want to lovingly prepare Concord Grape Walnut Conserve to tuck into those holiday packages with a little note suggesting to use it to top baked brie, or turn into a tart, or use as stuffing for a dessert ravioli, it is Well-Preserved I will reach for.

Makin' Bacon

What to do what that slab of pork belly in my freezer? I made bacon--cured, not smoked--by following Eugenia's recipe. It was so easy; time is the major ingredient. Once cured and baked, I sliced the bacon into lardons and sauteed them with croutons. Tossed the bacon and croutons with escarole and a mustardy vinaigrette--a perfect lunch. This weekend's project: Strawberry-Balsamic Jam from Well-Preserved. I highly recommend this book for first-timers and experienced cooks. Eugenia's instructions are clear and easy to follow.

Well Preserved is Well Done!

Although I'm always drawn to beautiful covers when viewing cooking/technique books - this beauty delivers on the inside, too. Being a beginner at jarring and canning - it can be intimidating to step into a world where usually the experts have been doing and observing techniques since they were young. This book is wonderful for the beginner - the steps - the techniques - the processes and the practicality comfort the reader and THANK YOU FOR THAT! Great approach to help us save food AND money! Amy Nymark

Timely book for people who love to eat well

At last a book that takes the mystery out of home food preservation. Readers will no longer be intimidated by the complex and time consuming task of preserving food stuffs. Practical information along with Eugenia's most tasteful collection of recipes make this a must have for any cook's kithen. As with her previous book "At Mesa's Edge", Eugenia shares her love of food and eating as metaphor to living the goodlife with family and friends.
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