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Time Line Therapy and the Basis of Personality

Tad James utilizes NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to eliminate irritating behaviors or issues. The Time Line theory is that you go back to the first time you remember a particular problem, do... This description may be from another edition of this product.


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Must Read

Having had NLP training it was easy to understand. Doing the exercises I was able to change past experiences from bad to good and to add what I want to my future time line. Life is moving a lot faster now. My work is increasingly exciting as I continue to help people with IRS problems. I highly recommend this book. Joe Mastriano, CPA


THIS BOOK IS INVALUABLE TO ANY NLP PRACTITIONER. I had learned Time Line Therapy in my NLP Pract. Certification but hadn't really got it gripped until i bought this book which not only goes over the basics of it again but also gives several areas in which to expand your understanding, making this a more comprehensive and incredibly powerful NLP technique. Tad James might be annoying to watch on screen but he writes very well and it's easy to follow his logic. The exercises and transcripts are VERY USEFUL. It gives more details on CHUNKING and META PROGRAMS (complex and simple)and a great section on CHANGING VALUES- which is probably one of the more difficult areas in NLP for new practitioners to master. Remember NLP is about the art of subtlety - so of course it has its usual references to MATCHING, PACING & LEADING but it is original in presentation and a must on the book shelf and in the brain. It's not a dummy's guide - it's a comperehensive text so don't think you can read it and then immediately be an expert.... but it is a very good reference book to enhance and strengthen current practice without being too academic for those who haven't time to read great TOMES. How much do i recommend this book? Well, i won't lend it out in case it doesn't come back to my shelves and if i ever lost it - i'd have to rebuy it. ENJOY


I am certified as a Time Line Therapy practitioner and this was one of the "required-reading" books I had to read as part of my course. I've read it from start to finish and practiced it on myself as well as on others. It's been claimed that Time Line Therapy is 100% effective but I'd have to disagree on that. In my experience, it's probably about 85% effective, which is still incredible. This type of therapy can "cure" phobias, ease anxiety, get rid of fear, guilt, anger, and sadness. What I LOVE is that it is extremely easy to do and this book explains how to do it. I really don't have any complaints about the therapy itself, which (in a nutshell) simply lets you see your life as though it's super small on a timeline and you're looking at it far away. That type of view allows you to see the "big picture" of your life and fix events in the past. This therapy has, for me, gotten rid of negative emotions easily and effortlessly. I've performed this therapy for many clients and they, too, got rid of it as well. However, some things still seem to come back. For instance, I hate hearing the sound of people eating and it causes great discomfort for me. I used this therapy and for several days, I felt I was "cured" because I could tolerate people eating without feeling irritated. It's now been over a month and I'd say that I'm about 50% less-annoyed than I was before, but not completely and totally. According to the therapy, I simply need to "go back in time, before the incident - higher and further back than before" but no matter how high I get away from my timeline (so far the timeline practically disappears), I still get irritated. Anyway, that's my personal experience. Not sure if that helps any of you, but I thought I'd share that. The book itself is well-written and easily explained. As a whole, this really can help people on a very deep level. My mom, who is usually angry all the time, magically released all her angry emotions from the past within just 10 minutes using this technique. To this day, she no longer feels the previous anger. Great book and a fun read!

A method to get clean and clear about you life.

I have used the methods laid out in this book by Dr. James for over three years and they have made a tremendous difference in my life and the lives of the many people i am in business with. A must if you want to transform your life and this is the easiest way i know of.
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