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Paperback The Now Habit: A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play Book

ISBN: 1585425524

ISBN13: 9781585425525

The Now Habit: A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play

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Book Overview

Learn how to overcome procrastination and enjoy guilt-free play One of the most effective programs to combat procrastination, THE NOW HABIT has sold over 100,000 copies, has been translated into 11 languages, and is now revised and updated. Featuring a new introduction and a new section providing strategies to understand and deal with the role technology plays in procrastination today, THE NOW HABIT offers a comprehensive plan to help readers lower...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Amazingly insightful...

As a student of psychology, I'm always on the lookout for psych books that I haven't heard about. I was in a bookstore one day and saw this book sitting on the rack. It was on sale, so I picked it up to look through at a later date. When I got home, I started reading the first few pages, and I couldn't believe how well he had nailed me. To this point, I had done fairly well in dealing with my procrastination; I had also developed a gargantuan ability to deprive myself of sleep, a good diet, exercise, etc., to account for it. As I read through the first pages, I was shocked at how much sense his theories made---and how well they explained/described me. I never really had hope that I could change. I had come to believe that my procrastination was an unavoidable result of my perfectionism and that I could not lose it without discarding my desire to produce high quality work. It was amazing to me how easily he explained the complicated nature of these problems and how well he presented his simple method of dealing with them. Now, I'm not finished with the book---I'm giving myself time to absorb each lesson before moving on to the next one---but I have already seen the results as I address big assignments. It works. So, from a non-professional, it-worked-for-me standpoint, I highly recommend this book to those wondering why they procrastinate, but also, anyone who suffers from perfectionism, who finds him or herself afraid of succeeding, wondering why he/she doesn't get more done in a day, or even engaging in self-defeating behavior will be amazed at what can be learned from this simple, little book. I hope you'll give it try.

Best: eliminates procrastination with action, not guilt

I got tired of books that say you're lazy, that had a lot of cute explainations about what kind of procrastinator you are or were systems that would overwhelm many a procrastinator who was just overwhelmed in the first place. This book explains procrastinators in short order in a way that would apply to any procrastinator. It doesn't waste anytime getting down to how to get yourself into action and produce. Dr. Fiore's methods are general enough to apply to anyone, yet are specific enough so you know how to get you going. His book is short, lively, hopeful, and never dry for procrastinators. This book is the only book you need to get you on your way to fulfilling your dreams.

The Book That Got Me Into Medical School

This book just might change your life. It changed mine. I had read every other book on procrastination before finding this book, including the others mentioned in these reviews. This is, quite simply, the BEST book; completely different from the rest. It is quite possibly the best self-help book I have ever read. It may also be one of the best books ever written on anxiety and on achieving one's goals in life - subjects which I have learned are all connected.Five years ago, I worked at an office job I didn't like much. Since reading Neil Fiore's book, I have written and published two well-reviewed children's books and realized my life-long dream of studying medicine. At the age of 35, I started medical school with no science background or training and in 5 months, I will graduate as an MD. This book allowed me to follow my dreams (thirty minutes at a time) and to acheive them. It can help you do the same.Do not be fooled by books with flashier covers; it's what's inside that counts. Anyone who procrastinates will recognize themselves in these pages; they will also recognize the feelings of being overwhelmed and paralyzed before even starting a project, and the disappointment in themselves that results from chronic procrastination.This is a book that actually teaches you to understand yourself, to take care of yourself, and to help yourself develop simple habits that can change your life. This is truly an easy and non-scary program, proving that you don't have to turn your life upside down to turn it around! The words in this book have stayed with me for years, and I carry a little card with reminders from it in my wallet. This program works. Believe me - I learned medicine thirty minutes at a time! And, most importantly, I had lots of time left over for fun.Stop berating yourself! You don't need more willpower. You don't need a new daytimer. What you need is the NOW HABIT. So scrap that scary to-do list. If you do only one thing this week, make it this: order this excellent book.

If you procrastinate, don't...get this book NOW.

I read this book several years ago, and it literally changed the way I work and play. I was never much interested in books written by psychologists, and I don't even remember where or why I bought the book. I do know that it identified my problems with procrastination so clearly I was amazed. An long list of the qualities of a "procrastinator" described early in the book described me with unusual accuracy, and that got my attention. I am an educator, I have a Ph.D. in the sciences, and I have used this book to help many students over the past five years. The ideas work, the "unschedule" works, it is actually possible to be as busy as can be, and have more fun and freedom from stress than you can immagine. I think of one example in the book of a Ph.D. student that was "working" on his thesis some 60 hours a week, with dirty laundry and dishes all over the house, in a state of mental stagnation and depression that he seemed unaware of (my description). The author worked with this individual and set out a schedule of playing golf several times a week, and only working on his thesis some 18 hours per week. In the first week of the "unschedule" the student reluctantly went along as ordered by the author. He was amazed. He got more done on his thesis than he had in years. "The Now Habit" book is worth more than 100 times the price to anyone who is "so busy that they can't seem to get things done."

This book stands out from the crowd

I recently bought a total of seven books on procrastination, because I was so sick of constantly putting my life on 'hold'. One by one I started reading them, and one by one they went off on some path that did not seem to connect with me or the way I actually live. They all start off well enough, because it is quite easy to outline all the issues and situations that surround procrastination. However, getting down to business and coming up with real solutions that actually work is much harder. This book is unique as far as I can see in that it comes from a much more human and empathic viewpoint, with some really amazing insights into human nature. It is a supremely optimistic book that explains why we all do it, and what we can do about it. The most important thing is that it delves into what motivates us to procrastinate, revealing the fact that procrastination is actually rewarding; knowing how and why it happens is half the battle. If you've been thinking that this is "just the way you are", this book will save you from yourself. Neil Fiore takes us on a journey into our own minds, which is both fascinating and inspiring. I am a natural cynic and skeptic, and it's been a long time since a book made me sit up, slap my forehead and say "So THAT'S why I do that!". Actually there is a pretty good model for life in general in here. This book should be required reading for all schoolkids and college students, if I'd had this back then I might have enjoyed myself a lot more! Like I said, I tried the other books, and they didn't do anything for me. Save your money, and just get this one. You will not regret it.

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