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Paperback The New Tax Guide for Artists of Every Persuasion: Actors, Directors, Musicians, Singers, and Other Show Biz Folks Book

ISBN: 0879109661

ISBN13: 9780879109660

The New Tax Guide for Artists of Every Persuasion: Actors, Directors, Musicians, Singers, and Other Show Biz Folks

(Limelight). Peter Jason Riley is a CPA who for many years has practiced in the Boston area. His book opens with basic material that applies to everyone, offering a roadmap through today's tax landscape and general discussions of different types of income, various kinds of expenses and IRS-allowed tax deductions. Following are the chapters that deal with the specific tax situation relevant to each category of artist. These range from the cost of acting...


Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

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A Must-Have Reference For Anyone Who Earns Entertainment-Related Income

The New Tax Guide for Artists of Every Persuasion: Actors, Musicians, Singers and Other Showbiz Folk, Visual Artists and Writers, by Peter Jason Riley, CPA is an indespensible tool, that I'm glad and relieved to have found. This book isn't meant to be a substitute for the advice and skill of a professional accountant and it doesn't give you a step-by-step of how to fill out tax forms. You don't have to be a millionaire, it's okay if you still have a 9 to 5 job, and it's okay, if you're not on a national show or whatever, and it's okay if it's not a regular source of income... if you spend money while pursuing work in an arts-related field (whether it be headshots, guitars and picks, ballet shoes, paintbrushes, or faxes) and you can prove that you at least occasionally make or have the potential to make money from your art (sales of your work via CD, DVD, etc), pay from contracted jobs, etc), you owe it to yourself to explore the legitimate options which can relieve tax stress from your personal filings, or to help improve your efficiency if you're already claiming expenses for your art on your tax returns. This book meant to give you a better idea of the nature of tax-related issues for working artists, to make it a little less daunting, to show you how to keep proper records in an efficient way, to reduce errors and penalties, reduce taxes on legitimate business expenses, and even to cut down the time and money you would spend with a tax advisor. Even if you can't afford to see a CPA for a current tax year, what you will learn from Mr. Riley's book will prove invaluable and eye-opening as to pointing out the considerations you should be aware of when doing your taxes yourself (but remember, it's probably always going to be better to have a pro look at it.). Mr. Riley's book is essentially an update of the book "New Tax Guide for Performers, Writers, Directors, Designers, and Other Showbiz Folk", written by the late of R. Brenden Hanlon. Since Hanlon had been deceased for some time, it could not be updated with the information artists would need to stay current with tax laws. Mr. Riley contacted the publisher and worked with them to make a follow up to Mr. Hanlon's original, with the same goal - to help Entertainers and other artists to understand taxes better. As noted from Mr. Riley's longer title, the book strives and succeeds at being even more detailed, while accounting for the variety of artist types. After a brief introduction, Riley provides two chapters that every reader is advised to dig into. These chapters cover what you need to know about Income - the different types, the basic forms involved, how self-employment taxes are calculated, estimating advance tax payments, and then all the different types of deductions you can make (from a percentage of your home expenses, if you work from home, to travel, equipment, start-up costs and more). Mr. Riley gives crucial tips such as what, how much, and when to write off certain ite

Succinct, accessible, superbly presented information

The New Tax Guide For Artists Of Every Persuasion: Actors, Directors, Musicians, Singers, And Other Show Biz Folk, Visual Arts And Writers is an essential, core reference for anyone who makes their living in any aspect or field of the performing arts, the visual arts, or the literary arts. Succinct, accessible, superbly presented information is enhanced with a listing of useful IRS publications, descriptions of the most relevant IRS forms, and blank spread sheets for recording earned income and keeping a monthly travel expense diary. If any part of your taxable income is derived from the arts, then The New Tax Guide For Artists Of Every Persuasion is an invaluable reference for you -- even if you have already engaged the services of public accountants and financial managers to assist you.
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