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The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict: Evidence I & II Fully Updated in One Volume To Answer The Questions Challenging Christians in the 21st Century.

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Book Overview

Evidence I & II -The classic defense of the faith: Now fully updated to answer the questions challenging evangelical faith today. The New Evidence maintains its classic defense of the faith yet... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Evidence That Demands a Verdict is one of the best books on Christian Apologetics!

"EVIDENCE" is an easily read and used book for the new or seasoned Christian or the skeptic. Deeply researched and well put together this book empowers those seeking the answers to why they believe what they believe.

A good, slow read

This is more of a fill in review when read with the other reviews. For those of you who are unaware, Josh McDowell composed this book which now has a solid 40 page bibliography. There are 3 Sections. I have yet to meet any one person who has personally read this book from the first page to the last page. In other words, people give up on the book before finishing it. So, please take many of the reviews with a grain of salt. The first section of the book is evidences of the Bible and a small analysis of the New and Old testaments. Many books are given to be read in addition within many of the chapters, as it is apparent that the author feels the arguements presented do not even scratch the surface. Most of the book is quoting from someone else, very little of the author expressing his own words by comparison... in the sense of there being more quotes of others, than the author expressing his own opinions, this is a one of a kind book. Also, there is no other book I know of with a solid, factual, 40 page bibliography. In this sense, this book is also very unique. As for the arguements... when a person compares the arguements presented to the content and message of any other religious book on earth, this book clearly shows that the Bible is in its own class. In this respect, there is no doubt that if God is going to use people to write a book, the message is going to stay the same, regardless of the years that pass, and no man would be able to destroy it. The facts make the case that the Bible does fit this bill. And the numerous books given to read in and/or at the end of each chapter are present to finish each individual argument. However, as I've said before, I do not remember ever meeting someone who read this book from the front page to the last page. Good luck you all, and I hope at least 10 of you do finish this book. Extra material is found in ample supply in the numerous books listed, particularly when a person doesn't feel like the arguement is finished or even strong enough.

This book changed my life

Allow me to start by addressing some of the negative reviews of this book. First of all, Josh McDowell doesn't make any money off his books. For more than 35 years, the profits for all his books have gone directly to a Christian organization (i.e. Campus Crusade for Christ). He doesn't even know how much money his books make. (I heard this from his own mouth when he spoke at a church a few years back.) Second of all, Josh doesn't claim to be a great writer or theologian; he's just presenting the facts that he's discovered. You have to do the work yourself and decide. You may even have to read other books that offer opposing evidence. (Incidentally, Josh started doing all this research before he became a Christian.) And thirdly, the gospel of John was written by an apostle who lived and followed Jesus for three years. That's a first hand account. The book of James was also written by Jesus' brother (who did not initially believe Jesus, himself). That said, I know this book doesn't end any debates about the Christian faith. For me, however, before I became a Christian, reading Josh's stuff opened my eyes to the fact that you can't easily dismiss the Christian faith the way some uninformed people do (the way I did at one point.) So if you're the type of person to get caught up on debating grammatical mistakes and nitpicking over the difference between a few decades within the scope of 2000 years, don't read this book. But if you're open to having your perspective (and possibly your life changed), take a look. I guarantee that when your life is changed in a dramatic way, you can write about it 30 or 60 years later and remember it like it was yesterday.

Not for closed-minded skeptics

If a skeptic reads this book with the determination to not believe any of it, then of course he's not going to learn anything. Skeptics enjoy accusing Christians of circular reasoning and pre-conceived biases, but what do you call the following?-- "I don't believe that there's a God, therefore the Bible must be ficticious literature, therefore Josh McDowell's entire book is poppycock." That, my friend, is circular reasoning and pre-conceived bias.For those of you who think there must be a God out there-- the beauty of nature speaks to you, the complexity of the human body amazes you, inexplicable "coincidences" stump you... this book is for you. For those of you who think that part of the Bible is true, but you're not sure if you can swallow Creation or the Great Flood as being anything but cute stories... this book is for you. The outline format allows you to cover the presented information at your own pace, and with the Bible at your side to reference any quotes. You will learn about many astounding examples of modern science backing it all up. McDowell's language is very readable... it's neither "inimidating" nor "childish" (as elsewhere asserted). And the collaborators of this book ARE experts in science and historical writings, as well as in theology. That was their whole purpose of writing this book, for crying out loud. For those who are looking for the truth, you will learn much from Evidence That Demands A Verdict. It will help you explain and defend your faith to those who are curious about it. This book has helped lead many skeptics to salvation. However, always keep in mind that it will never convert those who flatly refuse to listen.

A Student's Best Defense

Although there are many books on Christian apologetics, The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict is ideal for students (college students in particular). New Evidence is a defense of Christianity that covers topics from the accuracy of the Bible (i.e., Is the Bible the inherent Word of God?) to Jesus Christ (i.e., Ia Jesus the Son of God as described in the Bible?) to Skepticism and Postmodernism. Josh McDowell quotes material from authorities in a vast array of fields (philosophy, history, archeology, law, theology, etc.). McDowell provides complete citations for all of his quotes, enabling students to conduct further research and use the original sources. I recently wrote a philosophy paper and this book was an invaluable aid. With the insights New Evidence gave me, I was able to write an A+ paper that actually convinced my philosophy professor of some things that he previously disagreed with! I recommend this book in the strongest possible terms! Every student--every Christian--should have a copy of this powerful defense of the Christian faith. As McDowell says, "the Christian faith is an intelligent faith."
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