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The Mendelian Threshold

The Mendelian Threshold


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Hang's a wild ride!

What a great story! From the very first sentence, Robert Humphrey grabs your attention and keeps you turning pages... exactly what makes a book worth reading. I kept waiting for it to slow down, but it rarely did. Nick Hoskins, as an investigative reporter, is a completely believable character. I expected another story about cloning to be filled with the usual science fiction razzmatazz, but instead, I kept finding circumstances that are already leaping off the news headlines daily. Humphrey has the foresight of H. G. Wells, the charisma of early John Grisham and the suspense and intrigue of Dean Koontz...which makes me wonder, where the heck has he been? I certainly hope to see more from him very soon.

Thoughful look at an emerging technology

Cloning has long been a theme in science fiction and I thought that all of the viewpoints had been covered, but I was wrong! Mr. Humphrey mixes science and technology with imagination and old-fashioned romance with drama and adventure with a skill and daring that brings together a cross between the high adventure of Ian Fleming, the high science of Robert Heinlein and Isaac Asimov, and the romance of Oscar Wilde and Jane Austen.I'm looking forward to seeing Robert Humphrey's next novel...make it soon, please.

Cloning: Not just about sheep!

Whoa....not only does THE MENDELIAN THRESHOLD deliver on suspense and adventure, it provokes the critical question of ethics in the controversial technology of human cloning. In his debut novel, Robert Humphrey lays out the options of the future questions about the duplicating process that will be addressed in courts and on television for decades to come. THE MENDELIAN THRESHOLD is an entertaining, well-written forum to entice readers to think of the future of cloning in both personal and global terms.

Stop What You're Doing and Buy Yourself a Copy of This Book!

Robert Humphrey has created an immensely likable, down-to-earth main character in Nick Hoskins. An investigative reporter with the Indianapolis Chronicle, he's a man comfortable with his life, not knowing it's about to be propelled far beyond anything he could have possibly imagined. Nick is in the right place at the right time, and letting his reporter instincts kick in, manages to discover a family of wealthy, beautiful, and secretive clones. Yes, clones! They're chagrined that Nick has slipped past their security to eavesdrop on a vital "family" meeting, but Michael Smyth, the head of the family, realizes a possible advantage to using Nick's tenacity to their benefit.This is where Robert Humphrey grabs you by the throat and takes you on a thrill ride that barely slows down for the curves! It has everything from topical scientific issues to international intrigue. This excellent novel offers rich characters readers will care about while forcing us to wonder, "What would I do?" I very much enjoyed this skillfully crafted story. The Mendelian Threshold is a compelling story that pulls you in from the very beginning and doesn't let you go until you finish reading it. I wanted to ignore anything that would take me away from finding out what happened next!

Find a quiet won't be able to put this one down!

Make room in your bookshelf and in your reading time for what has to be the best science fiction novel of the year thus far. The Mendelian Threshold opens up the world of genetic engineering and cloning to a scrutiny long overdue. Humphrey has written a concise and gripping tale of a reporter's encounter with a group of amazing people and the amazing science that created them. His treatment of a sensitive subject makes today's news headlines even more astounding as scientists worldwide grapple with the ethics and potential profitability of manufacturing human beings for parts. Humphrey also manages to pull you into a love story that adds dimension and parity to the story right through the last page. This is an extremely well done book that will probably make it topside in short order.

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