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Hardcover The Koehler Method of Dog Training Book

ISBN: 0876056575

ISBN13: 9780876056578

The Koehler Method of Dog Training

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Format: Hardcover

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Book Overview

A well-behaved pet is not only a joy to his owners, but is also a happy pet. The Koehler Method of Dog Training is one of the most successful dog training manuals ever published. Step-by-step, this book provides a solid foundation if the training of even the most intractable of man's best friends, as well as providing proven methods for correcting the intractable of man's best friends, as well as providing proven methods of correcting the most extreme...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Still the best.

I first used his Guard Dog Training method book in Hawaii with all my dogs. When I moved back to the mainland I’d lost the book over the years. However I purchased this book for training my new shelter rescue. I’m very happy with the result. I’m now sending some relatives their own copy so that they can obtain the same (sorely needed) results with their dogs. They keep admiring my dog and I no longer have the strength to deal with the size that one of theirs is.

This method WORKS!

I brought my 8 mo. old cage-reared female Irish Setter home from the pet shop where I worked with everything needed including a copy of this book. I had been referred to this book by another employee, the retired owner/trainer of the dogs used on the movie series The Doberman Gang. Koehlers methods made common sense to me and also made training my large, hyper breed a joy rather than tedious. Although the entire course takes time and commitment you begin to see results very quickly. Of course! Because it makes sense.

All other books pale in comparison.

I first read Koehler in 1979. I didn't get where he was coming from at first. Then on one page about how to use the leash and choke collar, "I got it." From that point on I found myself able to train and control my dog without pain. I recently used it on my papillon. Within several weeks he would come from any distance when called, and walk on heal without a leash. I have read some people say that his techniques are cruel. What is cruel is that I read stacks of dog training books only to come back to Koehler's basic chapter on getting the dogs attention. What is cruel is having a dog hit by a car because he won't return when called. Read any book you want, just make sure to come back to this one...all else seems to be fluff.

Saved my dog's sanity as well as my own!

The tried and true Koheler method works every time. This book has been around and in print for many many years... because it works. While the touchy feely clickers & dog whisperers come and go like yesterday's news, the Koehler method has stood the test of time. Click n treat may be fine for the cream puff dogs, but for large breed high drive aggressive dogs, a clicker won't stop your dog from rushing past you out the door to bite the mail man. If you want animal control to impound your dog and a leave you with $$$$$ fines and a nagging carpal tunnel cramp, by all means keep clicking. If you want happy obedient dog THAT LISTENS TO YOU, read Koehler.

Results Oriented Dog Training - Not Touchy Feely Pap

No training method works for all dogs, but the Koehler method comes close. I read this book thoroughly before using it to train my dog, an American Pit Bull Terrier. I recommend it on the basis of the results I achieved with my own dog. My Pit Bull is a happy, calm, sweet animal who is well behaved and trustworthy even in crowded, distracting public places. Please note the notarized statement in this book attesting to the author's success in training thousands of dogs. A well-trained dog is a joyful companion and something to be proud of. As for the "brutality" ascribed to this training method by its detractors, I "corrected" my dog with the choke collar only three or four times - always for something potentially dangerous (with a big and strong dog like a pit bull) such as running wildly on the long training lead. Most of the time, during the routine exercises, the dog corrects himself. Essentially he is given a choice between discomfort and comfort. If he makes the right choice he avoids discomfort. This does not assume the dog is human - it respects the dog's intelligence and ability to make choices. This book helps you to train a dog to be obedient off leash under highly distracting conditions. I knew my pit bull had graduated the day I was allowing her to run around on a 30' lead and another, loose pit bull appeared out of nowhere. This animal ran up on my dog, she surged after it, and the worn lead parted company with her collar! I called my dog to me, and she came and stood in front of me. I told her to sit, and she did so, allowing me to tie the broken ends of the leash together - with this maniac nuisance dog running circles around us all the while.I tried using food to motivate my dog but she became intensely focussed on the food rewards in my pocket. In Koehler training, the dog is supposed to be attentive towards you, not your pocket! With the firm foundation of obedience training, I am now able to teach my dog all kinds of tricks. Trick training is FUN training so I have no problem using food rewards to teach tricks. My dog can jump through a hoop, etc. However, obedience training is serious business that can one day save your dog's life. I feel the Koehler method is particularly valuable with big, strong breeds such as pits and rottweilers that can cause so much trouble when they are NOT properly trained. I thank this book for the wonderful, reliable pit bull friend I have today.
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