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Paperback The Dune Encyclopedia: The Complete, Authorized Guide and Companion to Frank Herbert's Masterpiece of the Imagination Book

ISBN: 0425068137

ISBN13: 9780425068137

The Dune Encyclopedia: The Complete, Authorized Guide and Companion to Frank Herbert's Masterpiece of the Imagination

(Part of the Dune Universe Series)

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Format: Paperback

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Only the Tolkein reference by Prof. Robert Foster ("The Complete Guide to Middle Earth") supasses it in scope, erudition and pure delight. That having been said, this book was one of my most treasured, "read till my fingers bled" books. It had so much information--obviously culled from Herbert's own files, which he slyly hints at in the introduction whilst reserving all final answers to himself--on the Dune universe it was a pleasure itself.It is not a dry, academic exercise, but a living appreciation of the book and the complexity of the universe it unfolds. So much information is provided here on many things that are mere hints or receive barely mention in the books are explained as thoroughly as the Britannica (and often much better written!).My tragedy is that the book disappeared on a move (along with every Dune book of which I had multiple copies, in hard, trade and mass-market). It simply vanished. I still miss that book to this day. With all the renewed interest in Dune, with the specatular "Children of Dune" mini-series and the bestselling "prequels" of the Younger Herbert, it stuns me that Berkeley hasn't reprinted this book. Even a mass-market (tho' of course it should be trade) would be great.But I seem to be hoping in vain. The Dune revival has been going on for several years now and nary a peep about a reprint. I near despair. The wife would have much more than a coniption fit if I spend $50 on a fifteen year old paperback, so I guess I'm hosed.For the Dune scholar the book is indispensable and I wish I had my copy in my hand (with each of my favorite subjects tabbed, with my favorite passages highlighted--I'd planned a Dune role playing game during the days before the GUI allowed role-playing games to become what they always could).If you've got this book, guard it like gold, or, better yet, have it bound and keep in mylar. See, Berkeley, please hear my prayer: REPRINT THIS BOOK!!!!(Oh yeah, and, while I'm asking, how 'bout a God Emperor of Dune mini, hunh?)As a coda: my copy of the Dune Encylcopedia was with my ancient, book club edition of God Emperor which I recently found in our town's annual library sale. I knew it was mine by the Boris Vallejo "Ex Libris" sticker. So somebody, somewhere has my books!

Why on Arrakis isn't this book being reprinted?

I don't understand why this book hasn't seen a printing press in 16 yrs! This book elaborates on the entire Dune universe. All the planets, customs, people, etc.! While Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson say that this book isn't official Dune canon...who cares? It was written with the full knowledge and permission of Frank Herbert himself. And the first installment of the prequel by Messrs. Herbert and Anderson leave much to be desired (creatively, technically, and detail-wise). Any and every Dune fan needs this book. Berkeley/Penguin/Putnam/etc. can't you see the demand for this book. You are guaranteed a hit if you reprint this title.


I echo the sentiments of the reader in Dallas. I foolishly let my copy of Dune Encyclopedia go several years ago, and now cannot find one anywhere for a REASONABLE price! Why? Why? Why did I ever let it go, especially when I still have all my copies of the rest of the Dune series? Believe me, if you can get your hands on this book, KEEP IT! It is THE authoritative, definitive work on the Dune series. Explains everything in minute detail!


Many years ago, I had only a casual interest in the Dune series, and I had to buy this book to clarify some events and characters. Eventually, I got rid of it, and sure enough, after a re-read in college, my interest in the series grew stronger - now some lucky person is proudly displaying that copy of the Encyclopedia on their shelf, and I have none! Argh!!! This is the best guide EVER written on any series, covering all characters, objects, and events major and minor, with plenty of illustrations, and it is very well written. It's so in-depth, it's scary. Come on, the structural formula for melange? How cool is that? I can only hope that with the new books (?) coming out, this will be put back in print.

The Dune Encyclopedia: The Complete, Authorized Guide and Companion to Frank Herbert's Masterpiece of the Imagination Mentions in Our Blog

The Dune Encyclopedia: The Complete, Authorized Guide and Companion to Frank Herbert's Masterpiece of the Imagination in Herbert & Heinlein
Herbert & Heinlein
Published by William Shelton • March 12, 2021

The genre of science fiction writing has two great pillars representing the wonder and promise of future worlds, and the intricate technology as yet unimagined, except by their questing minds. Frank Herbert and Robert Heinlein were contemporaries who saw sci-fi through these different lenses.

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