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Paperback Breuss Cancer Cure Book

ISBN: 0920470564

ISBN13: 9780920470565

Breuss Cancer Cure

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Book Overview

Fasting has long been used in Europe both as a preventative measure and as a cure, particularly for degenerative conditions, and to purge the body of impurities or toxins. Knowledgeable in this tradition, Rudolf Breuss, a naturopathic practitioner, developed a 42-day juice fasting programme to nourish the body but starve cancer. Although fasting seems irrational when the body is already wasting away, Breuss's patients felt more alert and energetic...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Successful if you follow it 101 percent

There is no margin for error with this system, you must follow it to the letter, to the detail, to every precise instruction and ingredient or you will not find success. You also need extreme mental willpower to endure it for 42 days, but the shining thought should be that it is worth it to save your life. My mother was diagnosed with terminal Ovarian cancer and she cleansed it from her system, completely healed from following this program to the letter. The drug companies wants you to buy their expensive drugs to deal with cancer, they are a sickness industry (with the doctors being their salesmen) that thrive on profit, not a wellness industry. I recommend this program with all my heart.

Simple, intelligent and interesting nutritional approach to cancer

I was diagnosed 9 years ago with advanced multiple metastatic cancers and a grim prognosis. I stumbled across this book in a health food store and was taken by the intelligence and straightforwardness of the program's design and by the apparent sincerity and enthusiasm of the late Mr. Breuss. I scrupulously followed his full 42-day vegetable juice fast twice, with about a year in between. The first time, I used the pre-made Breuss Juice from Biotta, and the second time I did all the juicing myself in a GreenPower juicer. The first fast caused me to do a dramatic detoxification and drop about 30 lbs, but had little impact on my tumor sizes. (And, no, you should NOT do this fast strictly for weight loss. You'll surely mess up your metabolism.) The second time, when I made the juices fresh, I experienced dramatic decrease in my tumor sizes and total disappearance of metastases in my breasts. While it did not "cure" my cancer in and of itself, I think the Breuss fast did save my life and was probably the single best thing I did for my recovery. As of this year, I am, quite unbelievably, cancer-free. That said, this is a terribly hard program to do alone. A few of the ingredients, like black radishes and Herb Robert (AKA Red Cranesbill) are hard to find, especially in organic form, and you must make sure everything is organically grown. It is also critically important to have the right type of juicer (a kind that cold-presses rather than blending with spinning blades), and to measure the ingredients accurately with a precise digital scale. You will probably need to allow at least a month to get everything together (very hard to commit to when everybody's telling you you are going to die if you don't act now.). It was exhausting to peel, chop and juice all those damn root vegetables every single day (and, yes, it has to be done fresh at least every morning). You also can not take any medications or supplements while on the fast, -- no aspirin, no homeopathic stuff, nothing. Do not attempt this diet if you are not detail-oriented or can't follow very specific instructions to the letter. Sometimes I felt so weak from the effort, the pain, and from starving, that I just sat on the floor next to the juicer and cried. Still, it was worth it. I don't believe this program (or any program) can work for everyone. I wouldn't call it a cure, so much as a resetting of the stage, a way of giving your body a period of time to focus its energies solely on eradicating the cancer. I think, too, that it made a big difference that I'd already been following a strictly super-clean, vegan, macrobiotic diet for over a year when I tried it. All in all, if you are interested in taking a nutritional approach to your cancer, I think the Breuss "Cancer Cure" is one of your very best bets. It is a far more gentle and elegant program than the well-known (and even more hard to do) Gerson system. And perhaps the greatest lesson in Breuss' approach is t

The Breuss Cancer Cure

Very easy for reading and understanding,furthermore I know a woman who lived 6 years instead 1 month (per doctors assumption)after using the therapy.Who ever wants to get better, not only from cancer but all kind of illnesses I recomend from the bottom of my heart.There is herbal store in Ventura, Ca under the name Ema's herbs and they can provide all necessary herbs for therapy.Try it, nothing to lose but illness.

Hard to follow , but save my life from advenced liver cancer

Exellent book . Very cheap to bay herbs and vegetables . Have to be followed 100% . There is no room for error . What could I say more : Save my life from terminal , primery , very advenced liver cancer . No orthodox medical treatments .Have to read making of taes and juices many times .I read it at least 20 times . It would not succed whit parties and dinners . Good luck .

A rare jewel

Logical and reasonable way to deal with cancer or concern of cancer. Affordable and realistic. Non-capitalistic. Rudolf Breuss has something here - and the world should know about it. Worth trying, even if one's cancer has been put into remission with another treatment. I personally have a terminal cancer - Lymphoma - have given up on standard treatments that not only didn't keep cancer in remission but played havoc to entire body, and so have decided after reading part of his book so far that I will do his treatment as soon as I have finished with an alternative treatment I'm currently involved with.
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