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Paperback The Adventures of Ghetto Sam and the Glory of My Demise: 2 Short Stories in One Novel Book

ISBN: 0967224926

ISBN13: 9780967224923

The Adventures of Ghetto Sam and the Glory of My Demise: 2 Short Stories in One Novel

In The Adventures of Ghetto Sam, the US government, a multi-billion-dollar corporation, and the City of New York are all against one man, but the odds are even. Glory of My Demise is a caustic... This description may be from another edition of this product.


Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Totally Empowering Read

THE ADVENTURES OF GHETTO SAM AND THE GLORY OF MY DEMISE is a prevailing work. However, please be advised, if you selected this book looking for the stereotypical hood, with a hero drug dealer and his spoiled, obnoxious girlfriend who is a shop-a-holic, then return this book to the shelf as you're not equipped for this knowledge! Kwame Teague is probably better known to most as the author of the Bestselling DUTCH Series. That fact alone shows that Kwame has separated himself from the masses. In THE ADVENTURES OF GHETTO SAM AND THE GLORY OF MY DEMISE readers will be surprised to find not one, but two books. People, there are too many African American males incarcerated, pumping poison, killing one another and this vicious cycle may not directly relate to you, but it does affect us all. THE ADVENTURES OF GHETTO SAM AND THE GLORY OF MY DEMISE rips the bandages right off of those issues. Kwame, I pray that your voice is heard not only on behalf of those caught up in the struggle, but for you and your family as well. Reviewed by: Crystal


Being an avid reader, I'm a pretty harsh critic but I had to give this one 5 stars because of the originality of the storyline along with the fact that the story just flowed! It was easy to read; yet just when you think you know what's going to happen next, Teague flips it on you! This author has great talent and imagination....its a MUST BUY!

thoroughly impressed

Though I am not finished reading this book, I am already so impressed with the story telling ability and humor of the author that I feel like I have to recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well-told funny story.

SAY WORD....This here is the illest knowledge on the shelves

Kwame Teague, brings a beguiling adventure about Sam Black who in the middle of New York @ 3 in the morning meets a Honey, and ends up in a world of trouble! No matter how the odds are stacked up against "Ghetto Sam" (our ghetto superhero) he on the face of it finds a window of opportunity in order to advance to the next opponent. Sam kicks it to you straight from the heart with a keen social insight, awareness and an ill sense of humor. (SAY WORD) My mind is still spinning on how vivid Kwame is on how America and their alliances/enemies role and how destructive it is to our communities, our people, and our way of life. (SAY WORD) This book, 2 inside of 1 is "THE WHAT'S UP" here and now. The Glory of my Demise, which is the "Truth," wakes you up! The writer walks you through life from one person through another with both voices, and both outlooks. From one stand point you're listening as he describes in detail how he chose his life and all that being a young black man entails, and in the mist you get to see what someone from the outside eyes see for the first time up close and personal. This walk of "Truth" opens up one's mind to different things in the "HOOD" that sociologists, psychoanalysts, and psuedo-liberals believe is just some type of wasted lab where left over unwanted people and things are thrown into and they mix and match whatever. Can you hear Spike standing on the corner screaming...WAKE UP!!!...(SAY WORD) I need more stars to add to this joint. This is truly what's popping. All you avid readers need to cop this book and fast!

This Book is the JUMP OFF !! SAY WORD !

I have just finished reading this book. I throughly enjoyed The Adventures of Ghetto Sam the most. The plot was fast paced, engrossing and I could see it as a movie starring Mekhi Phiefer! The lauguage was gritty, urban and true to the streets. The author also dropped science about America and it's strange international bedfellows and the harm they cause. Big Up to Kwame Teague and I look forward to many more Adventures of Ghetto Sam. ( Mr. Teague is a gifted debut writer who is unfortunately incarceriated So please support this talented Nubian brother) A definite addition to my collection Along with True to the Game and B-More Careful!
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