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Paperback Sugar-Free Gluten-Free Baking and Desserts: Recipes for Healthy and Delicious Cookies, Cakes, Muffins, Scones, Pies, Puddings, Breads and Pizzas Book

ISBN: 1569757046

ISBN13: 9781569757048

Sugar-Free Gluten-Free Baking and Desserts: Recipes for Healthy and Delicious Cookies, Cakes, Muffins, Scones, Pies, Puddings, Breads and Pizzas

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT HEALTHY TOO Standard baked goods come with a hefty price on your health--weight gain, cholesterol and diabetes, as well as allergies for many people. Sugar-Free Gluten-Free Baking and Desserts shows how to bring taboo treats back to the baking sheet with mouth-watering recipes that transform diet-busting favorites into guilt-free wonders. Following a wholesome approach that avoids quick-metabolizing ingredients, this book presents...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Just the GF cookbook I was looking for...

the back section of this book details what flours to substitue for what kind of food you're making- which makes soo much sense, but I've never seen detailed anywhere else. Of course you need flours to react differently when you're making cookies, pancakes, or yeast breads etc. She teaches you how to make various kinds of flour combinations and when to use them- and as for other reviews complaints about expensive ingreadients- yes- agave is more than sugar- and gf flours are more than wheat- but its sooo worth the price to creat foods that taste good AND make you feel good. no sugar crash after cookies? SOOO worth the price of agave! no stomach pains after anything with flour AND eating something that tastes normal and not gritty, chalky, or dry? SOOOO worth buying nad mixing the right blend of its not THAT expensive, and remember that sugar substitutes (splenda, stevia, agave etc...) are interchangable too- read the book and she details that for you too... if you can't afford stevia, use splenda etc... you can find something thats pretty comperable to what you'd pay for the bad stuff... the recipes are right on point (i get rave reviews everytime i make soemthing from this book- even from non gf eaters!) but the information on substitutions makes this book invaluable! i use it every time i bake!

This is the BEST alternative in Baking!

I am so glad I found Kelly Keough's book! I am not gluten senstive but have looked for an alternative to baking w/ refined sugars/flours. I have always LOVED to bake but have had a history w/ slow metabolism & therefore easy weight gain. My husband has a history w/ hives which they say are "idiomatic" & he's been tested for food allergies - nothing comes up. I absolutely refuse to consume any processed sugar - we all know how terrible it is for you; I believe it only plays havoc w/ our bodies. This book will seriously save your life b/c as Kelly shows you, there are a number of alternatives to processed sugar. Her book opened my eyes to ZSweet & Swerve. I used to think baking certain sweets wouldn't be possible b/c agave couldn't handle it due to it's makeup. Sure some of these ingredients can be somewhat pricey but think about it in these terms: #1 - Pay for your health while you are in control of it now or um, later. #2 - You'll find you take a little more time (I find baking this way very therupeutic) b/c these recipes are good for you & your body & you want to "treat" yourself right. #3 - You savor each bit and piece. You won't slam down a sheet of cookies. You took time baking them so you'll take your time eating them. Also, a little taste goes a long way. These recipes are so full of flavor and those w/ chocolately goodness are incredibly decadent (Hemp Truffle Balls, Fudge It, any number of brownies: I'm looking at you!!!) Anything made with quinoa? You've got to try it. It has the most unbelievable, unique & pleasant flavors! This book allows you to have fun & gives you hope. Thank the world for Kelly. Her hard work and dedication is clear.

This book is great, and VERY helpful!!!

I am very pleased with this book, and thank the other reviewers, since they're reviews are what prompted me to order this book. The chapter of substitions for things is fantastic; very helpful. Also, the list of If you crave this, then eat this, is also very helpful. I really need the substitions, since I am now eating vegan, sugar-free and gluten-free. It's very hard to find recipes which incorporate all these, so the substitutions are great! And is great to have a recipe for a type of pancake and fudge that I can eat, since I never thought I would be able to eat them again! One caveat I found! She does recommend soy milk in many recipes. I would use substitutes for that. The controversy over soy includes soy milk as dangerous. I have recently read two great articles on the controversy, as I don't want to lose soy entirely, but I wanted to know good soy from bad. There is a great article on soy on the Weston A. Price Foundation's website, as well as Dr. Mercola's website. They go into what's good and what isn't. (I was VERY disappointed to lose tofu, as I love it!) The bad types of soy are not good for people who have cancer or could be developing it. (The articles mentioned that if a baby is using soy milk, that it is the equivalent of giving 5 birthcontrol pills daily to the baby, as far as estrogens go! That one REALLY made me sit up and take notice.) I highly recommend this book for people that are trying to do really healthy baking. I have felt SO much better since cutting so many foods (most of them foods I LOVE and CRAVE) out of my life. Books like this make the diet so much more pleasant! Thanks to the author!

If you crave something you don't want to eat...."Eat this", says Kelly

Kelly has thought of absolutely everything!!! It's all spelled out in the "If you crave that, eat this section." I have had medical issues, a compromised immune system, etc. and Kelly's recipes have been a lifesaver... literally! Sugar in particular causes me awful heartburn, exhaustion, bone and joint aches, etc. Now that I have the opportunity to eat so many outrageously delicious foods I NEVER feel deprived. I get so much enjoyment from many of Kelly's recipes. My sister suffers from allergies and had to totally remove gluten and sugar from her diet. Since changing her eating habits to gluten free/sugar free she has gone from a size 8 to a size 2 in a matter of 3 months. She looks and feels like a new woman. My kids eat all the recipes and beg for more of the mock mashed potatoes, smart cookies, and hemp brownies. These were kids who only ate kid friendly foods, and now have learned the difference and know how unfriendly they really were. As with anything new it takes a bit of time and planning, but what a worthwhile difference. I have staples on hand, like Kelly's Mermaid Salad and Blueberry Breakfast Bread at all times and never tire of them. Trying is Buying Into an amazing concept and lifestyle! The perfect balance that is not too extreme. Kelly has even answered phone calls during the recipe making process to offer additional expertise. Unheard of right??? Thank you Kelly for being a pioneer and helping so many in need!

EXCELLENT Sugar-Free/ Gluten-Free Resource

I own several Gluten Free, Sugar Free cookbooks and many more medical science books to explain the "WHY"- and there are so many. This book is an excellent cookbook with detailed information for what to substitute where and when. So many Gluten-Free cookbooks never consider the SUGAR factor, which in my opinion, is very mis-leading and for so many Gluten-sensitive people an incredible waste of time, energy, and frustration. Likewise I have several sugar-free recipe books, where the most common sugar substitutions are still, biochemically sugar. For instance, brown rice syrup-still sugar, your body doesn't know the difference on a chemical level. Glycemic Index wise it's only slightly lower than brown sugar, not enough that one should become too comfortable using as a constant substitution. I don't know what research Kelly relied on, maybe trial-and-error, whatever her method her product is sound and it shows in her consistency and the results the sugar-sensitive consumer experiences. ALSO, importantly, if you're cooking for a skeptical audience, or difficult-to-please children, the food is absolutely delightful. -LP
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