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Paperback Running Against the Wind: The Transformation of a New Age Medium and His Warning to the Church Book

ISBN: 0972151257

ISBN13: 9780972151252

Running Against the Wind: The Transformation of a New Age Medium and His Warning to the Church

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Book Overview

Who better to warn Christians about New Age practices infiltrating the church than a former New Age medium? As a kid, Brian Flynn hated going to church. So when his father announced to the family one day they were through with church, Brian couldn't have been more delighted. From there, Brian experimented with Ouija boards and Tarot cards. After time in the Air Force, he became consumed with the occult. In time, he developed his skill for Transcendental...

Customer Reviews

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An Important Warning

Is there only one-way to God? Is truth something to be objectively perceived or is it found only in subjective experience? Running Against the Wind tells the story of how Brian Flynn lived against Christianity in the world of New Age mysticism. Shortly after becoming a Christian, Flynn found many of the same mystical practices he abandoned being embraced by the contemporary church. Almost the first half of Running Against the Wind Flynn commits to his autobiography. Learning distaste for Christianity at an early age, Flynn sought meaning elsewhere. While in the Air Force he tried rock, drugs, and women. After those didn't work, he pursued marriage and a variety of meditation forms. He describes all of his experiences from achieving "nirvana" to conferring with "spirit guides" so that he could give people readings. Flynn concludes by describing how God brought him out of the New Age and into personal faith in Jesus by changing his mind and heart. After tying up a loose end from his biography, Flynn lays out the landscape of New Age beliefs and practices. These include the occult, Hinduism & Buddhism, self-empowerment, and paganism. He goes on to deal with a few of the common objections New Age practitioners raise against Christianity like- that's just your truth, God's impersonal, trust your feelings, and all paths lead to God. Brian Flynn then turns his criticisms of the New Age toward the Church. He describes how certain mystical/spiritual practices Christians are into today are basically the same as the ones he used to confer with spirits (or as he understands now, demons). His critique is primarily of lectio divina and contemplative prayer, which he considers to be related to transcendental mediation. Though he examines the writings of several Christians who are promoting these practices, he focuses mostly on Thomas Merton and Richard Foster. Upon finishing the biographical half of the book, I was encouraged by how God had redeemed this man from his sinful life. Of course, it didn't end there. Flynn presents a devastatingly clear picture of many of the spiritual problems ailing the church today. He provides a convincing case showing that New Age practices have crept into the church; mostly without people knowing. If there's one deficiency to the book, I think he could have better articulated the biblical case against these practices and the offense they are to God. Running Against the Wind is an engaging autobiography and guide to New Age practices within and without the Christian church today. Brian Flynn's writing style is, for the most part, captivating and his insights valuable. His warning to the church is one for every pastor and layperson who seeks the truth about Jesus Christ.

Honest Testimony From a Former New-Ager

I have heard Brian Flynn speak at various events here in the Twin Cities area. He is a dynamic speaker and his book is just as profound and engaging. Mr. Flynn gives a first hand account of how he was in the New Age movement, not just experimenting with it, but actively participating in about every kind of occult and eastern mysticism practice that is out there. After becoming a Christian, he was disillusioned when solid evangelical churches began embracing these same new-age practices but disguising them in christian terminology (centering prayer, contemplative prayer and Christian yoga.) Flynn knows the origin of all these practices are non-Christian and contradictory to the bible. (Example: Jesus warned in Matthew 6:7 not to use vain repetitions when praying. What are some Christian churches teaching? Repeat your Christian one-word mantra over and over until you tune out.... just like the Hindus do.) Mr. Flynn warns Christians that these practices have invaded the church along with the seeker-sensitive movement. Most Seekers don't want to learn about the bible; they demand experiences and feelings, and don't want to hear anything that faith is substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1.) These New Age practices fit right in to this demand and christian pastors are embracing these concepts because they help draw and keep a crowd, and thus, keep the budget going. I got into trouble with my own pastor after confronting him after he publicly recommended reading the "The Ragamuffin Gospel" by Brennan Manning. My pastor thought there was so much grace and love in that book. I told him I read it and agreed that love and grace were in there, but that the book was also filled with a bunch of contemplative prayer and mysticism that is clearly eastern in origin. My baptist pastor told me to get with the program. I imagine that if I gave him Brian Flynn's book, I will get the boot out of the church. The book is very readable and practical and from my observations, accurately describes what I have seen in evangelical christianity over the past decade. Thank you Mr. Flynn for your bold stance in contending earnestly for the faith delivered once and for all times. (Jude, verse 3.) We have far too many pastors out there whose main focus is attendance, budget and prestige and truth is somewhere down the totem pole of priorities.

A Timely Book

I was very pleased to read and to see that a book on this subject had been written, especially by someone who had actually been involved in the New Age movement and was able to identify how it was beginning to come into the church. The inclusion of definition of terms and their description is extremely helpful in identifying what it is and how we can be aware. Using a form of mysticism such as contemplative prayer (as defined in Brian's book)as a way to communicate with God is both unbiblical and dangerous. I am thankful for this warning to the church!

Been there too!

When I first read this book it brought me back through my own journey from New Age spirituality to life in Christ Jesus to even seeing the very same things I once experienced as a New Age Occultist now being openly preached and taught to us in many churches throughout the body of Christ. I admire his honesty in opening up his life for us to see him in his search for something meaningful but in all the wrong ways in all the wrong places. Brian deals with his past as we all have to do if we are Christians, honestly and thoroughly, even if it brings out the things which we are now ashamed of. Only through a relationship with Jesus Christ and being cleansed by His blood can we be free of the shame and guilt of sin and of the snares of the Occult. This man goes out on a limb in presenting to us the current conditions of body of Christ being deeply influenced by the New Age movement. I have read many, many books on this subject and have to strongly agree with Brian's accessment. I have visited many churches as a result of ministry and have sadly witnessed most churches being ensnared by the subtle and sweet seductions of this new spirituality. I commend the efforts of Brian Flynn to warn the churches through this book. The New Age has arrived in its fulness and we have been asleep at the watch. This is an important wake-up call for all.

Story of an Amazing Transformation

Brian Flynn is the founder and director of One Truth Ministries and leads "Now Age" seminars before churches and groups around the United States. But long before he felt such love and concern for the church, he was a psychic medium who hated Christianity with every fiber of his being. Running Against The Wind is the story of his radical transformation. The book begins as an autobiography. Through the first five chapters Flynn traces his life. He was born into a Roman Catholic family, but one which soon gave up on the Church. When he was a child he developed a fascination with Tarot cards and experimented with Ouija boards - his introduction to the occult. As he grew up, he became increasingly disillusioned with Christianity, soon identifying himself as an agnostic Catholic. He joined the Air Force and his life began to spiral out of control as he dabbled in drugs, Transcendental Meditation and the rock and roll lifestyle. After leaving the Air Force he decided to become a psychic medium and enrolled in a year-long program under the tutelage of a spiritual advisor. He writes about meeting and communing with the spirit guides who helped provide him the information he needed to make accurate assessments during his psychic readings. At this point in his life he was sinking deeper and deeper into the occult. But God saw fit to save Brian from the midst of this occult world. Through a series of events in his life, Brian was radically saved. The day after professing faith in Christ, Flynn did something he had never done before in his life - he rented some pornographic videos. He spent that evening in his apartment getting drunk and watching pornography. The next day he was so hung-over that he called in sick for work, but then rented more pornography and spent another day drinking. All the while his spirit guides were taunting him, telling him how this proved that he was not a Christian. He writes, "And then I saw it! The answer came to me in an instant. As if a veil was lifted from my eyes, I saw something I had never seen before. The reason they were resisting me was because they were opposed to Him. They hated Jesus...I realized my guides were opposed to Jesus because they were demonic. They did not want me to become a Christian, because they were not of God. Satan, in his attempt to keep me where I was, revealed who he was! In order to stop me, he had revealed himself to me. He was now exposed." He emerged from this crisis of faith with knowledge of who the lord of the occult and New Age really is. Having been saved from such a lifestyle, imagine the betrayal Flynn felt when he learned that many practices with roots in the occult and New Age had made their way into the church. One particularly foundational moment is when he was teaching a class in his church, warning against the inroads of mysticism, only to learn that across the hall another leader was helping people explore contemplative prayer practices through the teachings of Richard Foster
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