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Paperback Resistance Training Instruction Book

ISBN: 0880118016

ISBN13: 9780880118019

Resistance Training Instruction

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

Resistance training builds muscle, prevents and rehabilitates injuries, fights disease and is helpful in improving the way people look and feet. This source of biomechanical information on form and technique is written to help athletes learn the safest, most effective way to perform resistance training exercises. It shows the proper technique for 73 exercises that target every major muscle group. There are step-by-step instructions for set-up and...

Customer Reviews

4 ratings

Very Comprehensive Book On Resistance Training!

First let me explain what I mean in the title of my review by the word comprehensive. I don't mean that its just a book with zillions of exercises, though it certainly has more than most people would ever need. But it is comprehensive in terms of giving you a lot of the science behind resistance training, the kinesiological aspects of what the different exercises do, and it covers many functional types of exercises. It also covers the concepts behind program design and periodization. It is similar in many ways to his "Muscle Mechanics" book in terms of the exercises covered and exercise science, but it's put together quite differently. I prefer the layout of this book much more because of the way he places the exercise science and programming aspects before presenting the specific exercises. One section really builds into the next beautifully! I am a Certified personal trainer and I have gotten, and continue to get, a lot of use out of this book. It's also a book I recommend to clients who want to learn more about resistance training in a more well rounded way. Some of it may be more information than the typical novice trainer would need, but for those who are willing to take the time, I find it to be written in very clear, user friendly language. He doesn't try to speak in complex terminology just to make it sound like rocket science, yet he does cover a LOT of ground! This is the only book I've seen that gives a clear explanation of the Muscular Subsystems and a lot of information on functional based training (as opposed to the typical "bodybuilding" type approach). Yet it also covers more standard exercises as well. I would highly recommend this to someone who wants to learn about the "why" and "how" of resistance training rather than someone who just wants to be "spoon fed" exercises and routines. You can find the typical exercises and routines in most fitness magazines or bodybuilding books which basically regurgitate the same information over and over again. This one fills the gap that those types of books have left wide open. Also, to get a book with this much information at such a reasonable price is incredible, as most books of this quality would be considerably more expensive! Another book I highly recommend for both fitness professionals and interested non-professionals is Douglas Brooks "Effective Strength Training", it's very similar in terms of it's thoroughness, with extremely detailed explanations of exercise technique and sound exercise science as well! If you are really into resistance training they are both worth having in your fitness library! HIGHLY Recommended!

muscle mechanics updated

I disagree with other reviewers on a couple of key points. First, Aaberg's MSUCLE MECHANICS is not basically the same book. It lacks crucial information on exercise tempo, periodization, etc. MUSCLE MECHANICS has a list of references that RESISTANCE lacks. RESISTANCE has acknowledgements, but Charles Poliquin's name is spelled incorrectly (Poliquin is author of THE POLIQUIN PRINCIPLES). If you don't already have MUSCLE MECHANICS, then opt for RESISTANCE TRAINING PRINCIPLES. If you do currently possess MM, then go for Aaberg's other book STRENGTH, SPEED, & POWER. It does cover tempos, etc. as well as being a good intro to functional training.A second disagreement I have with another reviewer concerns partial movements. As a long time trainee I have learned through bitter experience that, "The body never forgets an injury". Aaberg's advice regarding the disregarding the "full range of motion" philosophy (a philosophy that will take many years to kill)is right on the money. Using heavy resistance in the "red zone" of a joint on the premise that it is necessary or useful for "fully developing the muscle" or that it will increase or maintain flexibility is an invitation to injury. This may be one of the reasons that the Westside Barbell Club spends very little time doing full range bench presses and instead chooses partial movements such as board presses and floor presses for much of its training.RESISTANCE TRAINING INSTRUCTION is too short to illustrate every exercise. Happily, it does not show potential shoulder wreckers such as upright rows, lat machine pulldowns behind the neck, or presses behind the neck. Nor does it show stretches. The routines do have exercises for the rotator cuff. This is a huge plus. Aaberg at times announces quite clearly that some subjects are beyond the scope of his book.At the present time -- January 2003 -- this is one of the best introductory texts on the market. If you're looking for a single text that covers everything, forget it. If there is one, it will probably be outdated in one month. When I read most training texts my BS detector goes off several times. When I read Aaberg's stuff it's pretty silent.


this was a very good book but do know that if you already have Muscle Mechanics that you have basically the same book (ie the pics are the same wording etc). the difference here is in that spotting techniques by personal trainers is covered.

Take Your Workouts To The Next Level!

Whether you are a personal fitness trainer looking for new movements for your clients or a self-starter who wants to learn from the best, this is the book for you. Everette Aaberg is one of the nation's premier personal trainers and biomechanics experts. I had the pleasure of learning and studying biomechanics and advanced biomechanics from Everette at the Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research in Dallas. Biomechanics is the study of human movement with a weight bearing load, force or resistance and how these forces affect the body both in a constructive and sometimes destructive manner. Peforming movements "biomechanically correct", as Everette suggests, is a formula for efficiently working your muscles while protecting your joints and avoiding injury. I have learned the power of his theories first hand with my personal training clients. Lift safe, the way your body was meant to move, and the results may astonish you. Proper form and technique is explained throughout with excellent anatomy illustrations of what primary and secondary muscles are being worked. A good variety of exercises for the entire body are included. Every fitness enthusiast should have this on their bookshelve. You may find yourself dragging it to the gym with you. - Michael J. Merlino, Certified Professional Fitness Trainer
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