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Library Binding Pilgrims and Puritans: 1620-1676 Book

ISBN: 0761404384

ISBN13: 9780761404385

Pilgrims and Puritans: 1620-1676

(Part of the Drama of American History Series)

History is dramatic -- and the renowned, award-winning authors Christopher Collier and James Lincoln Collier demonstrate this in this compelling series aimed at young readers.Covering American history from the founding of Jamestown through present day, these volumes explore far beyond the dates and events of a historical chronicle to present a moving illumination of the ideas, opinions, attitudes and tribulations that led to the birth of this great...


Format: Library Binding

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Customer Reviews

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Really Balanced perspective for a History Book

I've seen so many "historical" books that have an editorial tilt to them. I am tired of hearing how "bad" or "good" people were long ago. Historians should not be in the business of judging the past by today's perspective; just "the facts" please. These brothers do a fabulous job of telling both sides of the story with enough details that most readers will learn something. It's a lovely departure from most of the children's literature that over-simplifies reality and creates one-dimentional perspectives of historical figures.

Sets The Record Straight On Misunderstood Founders

The Brothers Collier begin their Pilgrims and Puritans (1620-1676) by observing of American history texts in general, "Students become lost in a swamp of factual information, and as a consequence lose track of how those facts fit together, and why they are significant and relevant to the world today...We believe that it is surely more important for students to grasp underlying concepts and ideas that emerge from the movement of history than to memorize an array of facts and figures."Whether the attempt to undermine interest in the relevance of America's past is part of an organized plot or merely the result of incompetent teachers or educational methodologies is another issue. But regardless of the problem's origin, one of the groups most misunderstood as a result has to be the nation's Pilgrim and Puritan Forefathers.Most contemporary treatments of these Protestant sects capitalize on this state of ignorance by characterizing them as harsh, legalistic disciplinarians having little compassion and finding even less enjoyment in life. But even though many of us would find aspects of the Puritan outlook a little too stern for even our conservative sensibilities, these pious pioneers were hardly the proverbial sticks in the mud depicted by leftwing academics and popular entertainment.The Colliers are careful to point out that the moral intensity characterizing the Puritan approach to life was the result of a sincere desire to serve God and seek His will for their lives. As such, these devout Christians did not shun life's wholesome pleasures as often thought; after all, the first Thanksgiving celebration lasted for three days. Rather, as the Colliers point out such recreations were to hold a place of moderation as a way to refresh the mind and the body for them to continue on in their wholehearted service to God.It has become fashionable in historical studies to reduce the motivations of past movements and figures to materialistic components such as economics or power. The Colliers do a commendable job of emphasizing the superiority of religion over these factors in the lives of the Puritan and Pilgrim colonists and how their Biblical assumptions impacted all aspects of existence to create a comprehensive worldview that influences us to this day.Often what is perceived as the Puritan preoccupation with sin and personal depravity are viewed today as impediments to social progress. However, the Colliers argue that these Reformed doctrines actually served as part of the inspiration for a number of those things that make this country worthwhile.Taking the reality of sin seriously, the Puritans endeavored to set in motion a social order established accordingly. To prevent the ecclesiopolitical outrages characteristic under the divine right of kings, the power of the institutions enacted by the Puritans had to be circumscribed by the decrees of God's Word and clarified and delineated in documents known as covenants which the Colliers note laid the fo

recommend as a home school textbook

Very little historical information is available on the Puritians, yet they played a critical role in shaping our nation's heritage. The Collier brothers are two of the best children's historians around. They are never dull. Instead of emphasizing dates and facts, they explore the motivations of these people who left the comforts of England for a forsaken wilderness with grim survival prospects. The Colliers have a clear understanding of the Puritan theology and worldview.However, they seem to assume that the Puritan worldviews on the sovreignity of God and man's sinful state were unique to their times. This is a great readable history for fourth grade through adults. Note: This is part of the Drama of American History serieswhich begins with exploration of the New World through modern times. The Colliers have many books to their credit. James Lincoln Collier is best known for his award winning juvenilefiction title, My Brother Sam is Dead.
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