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Hardcover Oswald Talked: The New Evidence in the JFK Assassination Book

ISBN: 1565540298

ISBN13: 9781565540293

Oswald Talked: The New Evidence in the JFK Assassination

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Book Overview

Put aside all of the speculations and suspicions. This is the Kennedy book
that names the players in the cover-up and how they did it. The New Evidence in
the Kennedy Assassination brings to the forefront documented records that
substantiate a number of conspiracy claims, refute others, and unlock new
portions of the scenario that have not been written about before.
The La Fontaines examine overlooked clues and present the following...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

He didn't

Title is misleading, Oswald didn't talk. Authors claim, without evidence, he did (to some degree) to a prisoner in an adjacent cell. Books is terribly written, confusing at times and more concerned with the authors lives than the subject at hand. Nonetheless, there are some good tidbits in it, footnoted so it is worthwhile reading. But there's no smoking gun, a smoking, crashed Ford with guns but no smoking gun.

Connect the Dots and You'll Find the Answers...

Each book I read on the assassination, I start to fill in more and more gaps pertaining to the plot (which started the moment JFK was elected); this book does just that for me. Although I would have to agree that some of what La Fontaine writes does become categorized as has to agree firmly with the conclusions that she comes to--particularly when the evidence points to that conclusion with all the facts on it's side. This book is highly is not full of spelling errors OR can be considered tabloid. For someone who is a regular reader of the BBC News Service and viewer of Canadian Broadcasting--Mary LaFontaine's work falls under the category of "Superb Investigative Journalism" 5 Stars!

A must read for Anyone that even questions who shot JFK!

Have you ever believed something to be fact, but not known how to prove it? The proof to the level of culpability of Oswald is contained within the pages of this book.The authors do not concern themselves with who actually pulled the trigger, but rather concentrate on documented facts that either went unreported or were largely ignored for over thirty years.Forget about laying Oswald at the feet of the KGB, the CIA, FBI, Mafia, Cubans or anybody else. The circles this man traveled in are well documented in this book. There is little speculation here. Rather, there are legitimate questions asked, researched and answered by the authors that would prevent anyone this side of Earl Warren from determining that this was a one man operation.While the names and dates are sometimes difficult to follow, a clear and detailed timeline is provided at the end of the book that makes the purchase price a bargain for this alone.You may come away from this book not knowing who pulled the trigger, but you will now know who pulled the strings. For those interested in the subject, be prepared to take it into the shower because you will not be able to put it down.

Groundbreaking, intriguing and thought-provoking

"Oswald Talked" is by far the best book on the subject of JFK's assassination that I have ever read and I have been reading exposes on it for nearly thirty years. This book is extremely well researched and, while it doesn't name anyone in particular as the actual does make some extremely enlightening and interesting connections between Oswald, Ruby, gun-running, Anti-Castro groups and the FBI and CIA. The LaFontaines use ACTUAL, previously top secret documents as their evidence. People who criticize this book for not acquitting or accusing Oswald in JFK's assassination are missing the point entirely. This book isn't about theories of hidden shooters in the grassy knoll, JFK's questionable autopsy results, the Zapurder film and the unexplained deaths of key witnesses. To me, this book opens discussion about previously overlooked theories and sheds light on the Red paranoia that was sweeping the nation in the volatile early 1960's and late 1950's. The book is more technical and theoretical. I don't think it was designed to solve the assassination but instead, to make you think. It also adds a touch of humor to break up the onslaught of documents being seen, in many cases, for the first time. I firmly believe that many JFK conspiracy watchers were annoyed that those millions of documents that were turned over to the Assassination committee a few years back never came out and said Oswald did or didn't do it. But the LaFontaines are showing us that that information may be buried there somewhere and they've begun to sift through everything to find out. I'll tell you, this book is over 450 pages and I read it in about two was so engrossing, exciting and explosive.

If you are ready for the truth, buy this book.

Reviews of Oswald Talked have appeared in such varied publications as the San Francisco Chronicle, Syracuse New Times, and Sunday Oklahoman, and have been strongly and consistently positive. In addition, the book has received the endorsement of Marina Oswald Porter, Oliver Stone, Washington Post editor Jefferson Morley, and Oakland Tribune editor Jim Jennings (among others). Sample statements: *Film director Oliver Stone: "Oswald Talked contains fascinating, new, and authentic information. The La Fontaines are sober but extraordinary investigators, who, 30 years later, have unearthed fresh leads that you will never see mentioned in the mainstream media. Why?" *Washington Post editor Jeff Morley: "Oswald Talked is fresh, funny, and factual. A husband-and-wife reporting team dive into the madness of the Kennedy assassination debate, debunk one of the persistent JFK conspiracy theories, and emerge (sanity intact) with an unprecedented and richly detailed portrait of the militant anti- Communist underground of Dallas in 1962 and 1963.... Oswald Talked is an important contribution to the new post-cold war history of the Kennedy assassination. *U.S. Congressman Henry B. Gonzalez (in unsolicited letter to the authors): "You obviously did your research. It has taken over thirty years, but thanks to you this information is now coming out...." *Oakland Tribune editor Jim Jennings: "Oswald Talked will do two instant things: add new embarrassment to the sorry performance of America's secretive alphabet agencies in investigating President Kennedy's murder, and send the "Big Brother" conspiracy theorists into further flights of fantasy in hopes of covering their collective butts." *Philip E. Isett (Harvard Ph.D. in history, reviewing OT in The Sunday Oklahoman, June 9, 1996: "It is hard to imagine a more thoughtful and reasonable exposition of the evidence, an exposition that carries the reader with it to cautious but convincing conclusions.... Tellingly, of all the books written on Oswald and the death of Kennedy, only the La Fontaines' has been given Marina Oswald's endorsement. (She didn't even endorse the one that bore her own name, "Marina and Lee," written by Priscilla McMillan.) Marina Oswald says this book is the best of all in its honest and complete treatment of Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who, until now, has borne the entire official blame for the most infamous assassination of the 20th century. 'Oswald Talked' is a must-read...." I strongly recommend you buy Oswald Talked (or check it out of a library) and find out what it is that the OT attack group -- exemplified by the negative "reviewers" in this section -- doesn't want you to know, and what has set off such an Internet firestorm. It is simply the best and most important book to date on the Kennedy assassination. Paul Leonard
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