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The Alchemist: A Fable About Following Your Dream

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Book Overview

An international bestseller Over 80 million copies sold worldwide A PBS Great American Read Top 100 pick A special 25th anniversary edition of the extraordinary international bestseller, including a... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

32 ratings

The Alchemist is insightful and relatable

Perfect for self reflection and discovery

Excellent adventure

What an excellent adventure book. Not knowing what would lie ahead, just the right amount of spirituality, probably one of the best reads ever!

Perfect for those lost or transitioning big life events

Truly a great book begining to end! I personally learned alot during my time reading this book. It came to me during the pandiemic at a friend's house. I had to put it down and order my own version because I knew it was a book I wanted to keep forever!

Wrong book format

I ordered a hard cover book and was sent a paperback. I paid for a hardcover book. Wow, I've gotten wrong books before and thought I'd give your company another chance. Even did not receive the correct book I ordered for a birthday gift. Consumers beware

My Favorite Book

the copy I received in the mail was a special edition marked down from $50 to about $8. it was in impeccable condition! there was not a single tank to it besides my accidental mishandles. Insanely spiritual, you live as the main character in search of his dream and finding different meaning in it.

Pages are a bit untidy at the end.

The pages were very rough at the end.

Read and read again

One of those stories that sticks with you throughout your life after you read it. I come back to it every two or three years.

Profound only in it’s waste of time

Sincerely one of the worst books I have ever read, I kept going hoping at some point to reach some glorious turning point only to be met with the final line of the book. The morality is trite and arrogant, the “metaphysics” are entirely un-researched and sprinkled so haphazardly as intellectual or philosophical *sounding* quips to the point of being entirely useless as use in metaphor. Oh and there are all of 2 female characters one is a Romani caricature referred to exclusively by what is widely considered a racal slur, the other is a thinner than paper object of tepid love intrest. Every bit of cultural “acceptance” the boy develops is simply a glit facade of means to the end if money, there wasn’t even really “the real treasure were the friends we made along the way moment” I came looking for emotional depth and left with a most hated book

Excellent knowledge

I read this book with a women's group and it really taught me a lot about myself through the journey of an individual from Innocence to Alchemist.

Love this Book!

Such a lovely book, the story and the message. Just perfect

This book is inspirational!

I highly recommend this fable personally resonated with me on a high level.

Got this book for my friend and she loves it

The concept is great!

I m so sorry I get turkish version 😔

I didn't know that it's turkish it's hard to see which version i want english one get turkish version

Navigating Life

This book isn't something I typically read, however it was good because it has multiple life-lessons to be taken away from the story. At times though, it felt like it was dragging. Which isn't really a big deal considering it's a very short read.


Great book with a fantastic message.

A story that gently brings to light the things we convince ourselves are the hardest to understand

I read this book as a teenager, at a time in my life when I was very confused about how I perceived the world and about the type of person I wanted to become, and I can say with absolute certainty that this book changed my life. The realization I needed was there all along, and this book was exactly what I needed for me to understand that I had been trying to complicate something so simple for so long. Reading this book was the catalyst for me to be able to fully grasp what it is to be true to myself and my heart, and I'm sure I would've gotten there eventually without having read it, but who knows how long it would've taken, and I'm so very glad I never had to find out.

classic tale

everything is clear and everying is possible. Believe in yourself and your dreams!!

Hate It

I’ve heard mixed reviews, people either love it or hate it. I couldn’t even finish it! Its so boring.

Easily My fav book

This is my favorite book ever I recommend it to everyone

A Review on The Alchemist

I picked up this book from reading it was about finding your passion in life. Which to be fair it is, but I found something much more entrancing. Something I have yet to see in movie or book. Reading it with this perception I found it both sweet and funny. I find he's a good writer starting of simple and slowly bit by bit adding to it. Making once a simple story into a complex one. I highly recommend this book to anyone. It's a short and easy read with much to gleam from it.

Must Read!!

I think everyone should read this book! Not only is it good but the knowledge is amazing!!!

Such an enjoyable read!

A lot of depth and a great story. Hard to put this one down.

A book I know I’ll reread many times throughout my life

There are so many great messages in this book. It’s a quick and easy thread for everyone! Very inspiring!

Eye Opening

This book is for anyone looking for more out of life, more from themselves and understanding how the universe and God connect it all. The more we get, the more we want.

Great Story!

One example to find our true selves.


This is a great book, extremely easy read. Helps to reevaluate life and priorities, and a reminder to appreciate life. Loved the lessons the character learns, plus so many of us have been in their position easily relatable.


An incredible book about finding yourself and focusing in what’s important.

Amazing quality! Thank you!

Amazing quality! The book arrived in a great shape. Thank you

Everyone should have this book!!!!

This was a book that I have been hearing about for a long time. I finally decided to own and read this particular book based off of the huge positive feedback. This was a book I was most anxious to read, and....... it did not disappoint lol. This was worth so much more then I imagined. A great story in its own right. Beautifully written with lovely characters. This is a book that adults and young adult and kids can enjoy. A light novel on the surface but go deeper and it really makes you think. A true masterpiece of a book. A short read but jam packed full of beauty and beautifully written gems

Nunca te desenfoques de tus sueños !

Todos tenemos nuestra historia personal por realizar, y este libro nos enseña que en ocasiones los obstaculos nos hacen perder el sueño, sin embargo si dios nos lo puso en nuestra mente es porque sabe que somos capaces de realizarlos, gracias por este libro .

Everybody should read this just once (at least!)

This book is a wonderful fable in itself, as well as easy to read. I would recommend reading this to children as well as adults. It's definately a book to ponder the meaning of, and makes you think about the mysteries that remain outside of our "ordinary" world.

An illuminating story for all faiths and ages

I love this book -- with its wondrous tale of adventure, the sensitively written characters, and most of all, the lessons of the heart to be gleaned in the book's central premise -- that the Universe does all it can to help when one is brave enough to follow one's own dreams, and that you ignore the lessons of the heart at your own peril. This is probably the second or third time I've read the book, but this edition -- with enchanting illustrations by Moebius -- is a special treat, and I read the book completely transfixed! The story, the drawings, and the beautiful typography all combine to form a sensuous, exquisite reading experience. Do get the book, and it's the perfect gift for a loved one for your own self.

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