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Hardcover Metaphysical Bible Dictionary Book

ISBN: 0871590980

ISBN13: 9780871590985

Metaphysical Bible Dictionary

American mystic Charles Fillmore founded a new variety of religious expression, the Unity movement, which combines traditional Christian elements with esoteric and metaphysical principles. In this... This description may be from another edition of this product.


Format: Hardcover

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Only for creative, fearless thinkers

Response to 1984 nonsense comments:Charles Fillmore's Metaphysical Bible Dictionary is one man's attempt to expand his own spiritually. Many others have found it to be a very good starting place from which to interact with God or Spirit He never intended it to be static, and it hasn't been. Those with open minds and hearts who have encountered it have seen it as an aid along the path to greater understanding of their personal relationship with God. Those who spend so much time criticizing others' beliefs cannot possibly have time to develop any of their own, which leads me to believe they must be "followers" of someone's words. Most organized religions sprang from the dissatisfaction of an individual with the status quo, and their search soon became someone else's dogma. As for Truth with a capital T, it is merely Fillmore's attempt to differentiate what he came to view as God's truth versus the twisted truths of man. Every organixed religion considers their truth as God's truth with a capital T. However, some are accepting of others' views and some are not. Obviously, the religious affiliation of the "reader from San Francisco" does not. If you want a place to begin to dig deeper into the possibilities that await you in the scriptures through the experience of someone else, the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary is a great platform from which to catch a train that can take you away from the insecurities, fears, and small mindedness of those like the reader from S.F.

Invaluable Reference

Metaphysical Bible DictionaryCharles Fillmore's books in my library include the "Metaphysical Bible Dictionary," "Atom Smashing Power of Mind," "Teach Us to Pray," and "The Revealing Word." Before the time of Anthony Robbins, Zig Zigler, Napoleon Hill or other motivational facilitators, Fillmore's words excited my imagination and stirred my soul. Let's not discuss how long ago that was.Does a vein of independence in religious thought run through the American psyche? Our freedom sparks revelations and spiritual enlightenment. I have not made a major study of the development of various religious sects, but reviewing this book made me look up some of the folks living during the 19th century who took religious and philosophical theories and pursued them to their metaphysical ends, the nature of ultimate reality.Is there a certain liberalism in American religion, pulling away from the restrictions of the European models, both catholic and protestant? Without researching more than ten minutes, I found nearly a dozen founders of spiritual groups. I cannot say they influenced each other, since everyone walked a lone path. Just think of these names, all within a hundred years of each other: William Miller (Adventist), Phineas Quimby (New Thought), Mary Baker Eddy (Christian Science), Joseph Smith (Mormon), Charles Fillmore (Unity), Charles Russell (Jehovah's Witness), Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau (Transcendentalism), Helena Blavatsky (Theosophy), and I am sure I have not done justice to many others. What was going on?Regarding the Dictionary itself, except where the etymology has become lost, the definitions have been traced back to their prototypical root ideas. This nontraditional feature gives us greater clarity for a profound understanding of the Scriptures. Charles Fillmore explained that proper names in Hebrew derive from abstract ideas with connotations that may be good or bad. The MBD explains this in the preface using the example of the word, "Cain." The root means "centralized power or accumulation." So it could mean benign rulership, lawful possession, or it could stand for despotism and extreme selfishness. Both the Hebrew and Egyptian tongues have been a source of confusion. (See Rosemary Clark's "Sacred Tradition in Ancient Egypt.") The idea in the Dictionary is to clarify as much as possible, even offering alternative meanings and spellings. It does not claim to be the final authority, but a stepping stone to a higher realm of spiritual consciousness, toward attainment of the mind "which was also in Christ Jesus."

RE: What Kind of "1984" Nonsense Is This?

This book is intended for those that belong to the Unity Church or those initerested in learning more about it. The review that compared it to "mind control" does not understand the book or the research behind it. The interpretations come from the Quaballah, and Aramanic texts. Unity Church is not for everyone and will probably offend those of the fundamentalist denominations.

The full light of Truth is available only to ...

This beloved classic is of inestimable value in helping the Truth student interpret what we read. It belongs with the great dictionaries as a superb reference book. It is particularly helpful when we non-clerics are called upon to articulate our views on ideas such as: Baptism, Christ, Consciousness, Angel, Resurrection, Sin, Sabbath, Satan, Disciple, and Time. "The full light of Truth is available only to the one who constantly directs all the forces of his being in perfect harmony with the trend of his highest aspirations."

A 'must' for the sincere religious researcher.

As a result of over twenty years of close examination and the causing of some hundred copies to be placed in the hands of colleagues, students and friends, it is my humble opinion that the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary is the best aid to the translation of physical metaphors into nonphysical precepts available to us today. Although the author, on a personal level, identifies with and uses as an instrument for publication a clearly defined religious system, the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary transcends the boundaries of any one religion. Through his unique and skillful authorship, Charles Fillmore has in this work accomplished the amazing dichotomy of being rudimentary and paramount, foundational yet, exalted in the totality of this presentation. The Bibles of the major religions of the world, - Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Islamism and others merge on the pages of this book. Its offering is generous to the novice and the professional; to clergy an
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