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Hardcover Life on the Other Side: A Psychic's Tour of the Afterlife Book

ISBN: 0525945393

ISBN13: 9780525945390

Life on the Other Side: A Psychic's Tour of the Afterlife

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Format: Hardcover

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Book Overview

Renowned psychic, spiritual teacher, and #1 New York Times bestselling author of End of Days Sylvia Browne has changed millions of lives with her unique gifts. Now, she leads readers on an adventure... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

8 ratings

Sylvia is a fraud.

I got a reading from her and it was all wrong. Waste of money.

Bad order

This book was very worpped and smelled moldy. Not worth even 2.00. I paid 8 and taxes warning not to order books from this company ever

I love Books about Heaven

Anyone curious about the hereafter must read Sylvia Brown's most recent book, "Life On The Other Side ".It is the very best book ever on what Heaven is like, what we do in Heaven and how we continue to live.. I think the book may also help people afraid of death or facing the end of this life


This is an important book, because it provides direct answers to life's deepest questions: "Why are we here? Is there any purpose to life? Is there life beyond the veil of death"? Like me, Sylvia Browne is psychic, so in a way I think she's cheating. Browne possesses answers to these questions via a quick-route method without necessarily having 'grown' into them. I believe that it is humanity's destiny - due to the natural laws of growth - to eventually awaken to the truths disclosed in this book. Here, from the book, and backed by my own knowledge, is a summary of life's deepest secrets beyond 'this side' of the veil: (1) When we die, our soul continues to experience Life on the Other Side. There, we retain our individuality, live full lives in Heaven, and exist for all eternity. It is there that we are at our most alive and vibrant. (2) We freely choose to incarnate on physical planes such as earth as many times as we like, in order to face challenges and trials which don't exist in Paradise. (A good way to interpret the nature of our short lives on earth is to perceive them as quick trips to the gym, which advance spiritual strength and growth.) (3) The hardships and tribulations that we face on earth are of our own choosing, not God's. For each trip to earth, we choose our own bodies, we choose the timing of our incarnation, we choose the conditions of our upbringing and the challenges we face. (The greater the physical challenge, the greater potential for spiritual advancement. Hence, disabled bodies, for example, are actually blessings in disguise.) (4) Our earthly minds are deliberately 'veiled' from the Whole Truth in order for our soul to experience challenges of a deeper kind. (i.e. concepts such as "fear", "loneliness", "pain", "hatred", "ugliness", "insecurity", or "doubt" etc. are incoherent in Heaven. They can only be experienced in realms such as earth-life, and our deeper goal is to rise above them and conquer them from within. If we were always aware of the Whole Truth, then the challenges would cease to be). (5) Our degree of wisdom, inner peace and spiritual enlightenment is determined generally by our soul's level of growth and advancement. i.e. materialistic or shallow folk might be beginners at the game of life, whilst wise and spiritually mature folk have probably done the rounds many times before. (6) The quickest way to advance spiritually and to cultivate positive karma, is to love, and to adhere to principles of goodwill, forgiveness and integrity. (7) The devil does not exist. (8) Hell doesn't exist, except for in one's own consciousness. (Hell is really a state of mind.) (9) For the vast majority of souls, death is a highly positive experience. It is like being released from a dark, stuffy room, walking into a breathtaking world of freedom, beauty and light. (10) The quality of our inner-experience on the Other Side is determined generally by the amount of spiritual wealth we have accumulated on our journey

Help from the other side

I lost my husband this year and it was the most horrific time in my life. I saw Sylvia on a cable program which led me to her books. Her book The Other Side and Back was the turning point in my grief process.Not only did it give me great comfort in knowing my loved one was happy and still with me,it also satisfied my inner voice that what I had been taught about an avenging God was not true.We all have that inner voice and physic ability and Sylvia is a great teacher and a gift from God through her writings. Her discussions on our themes is so right on that I find myself looking at others in a more compassionate way.Her discussion on all of our guides and angels helped me to deal with my own contact from God two months after I lost my loved one. There are not enough words to describe what happened to my soul except to say if I had not read this book I would be in a mental institution trying to figure out what and why it happened.Sylvia is right in this book about God,our souls, and all the guides and angels he sends to help us. The Other Side is truly there.

Change your beliefs

If you would like to change your belief in an angry, punishing god, to a belief in a living God of unconditional love, I recommend three books: 1. An Encounter With A Prophet by C. A. Lewis2. Life on the Other Side : A Psychic's Tour of the Afterlife by Sylvia Browne, Lindsay Harrison 3. Conversations With God : An Uncommon Dialogue (Book 1) by Neale Donald Walsch


If all that Sylvia Browne has detailed in this book about the "Other Side" is TRUTH, then it is likely she has gone deeper into the etheric than any other explorer -- at least any other author -- including Swedenborg. Not only does she paint vivid word pictures, she provides drawings of structures on the other side -- produced, she tells us, by her going into transe and her spirit guide then directing two artists. According to Browne, her research is based on her direct-voice mediumship (wherein her spirit guide communicates with others in the room while Browne is in a transe and the material is being taped),her near-death experience (NDE), the NDEs of others, her astral traveling, and past-life and between-life regressions of many of her clients (she is a hypotherapist).Although I have read dozens of metaphysical books on this subject, I have never come across any with as much detailed information as this one. I must confess that I had some reservations about reading her book as Browne seemed a bit too "New Age" and cultish for me (since she started her own church). The first half of the book was fully consistent with all of the things I had previously read about the Other Side, including the many dimensions or planes and the fact that the plane we gravitate to is based on our actions and good works in this life time. We get many chances to evolve in spirit (other lifetimes) and progress toward the Godhead (true heaven). In the second half of the book, Browne gives detailed information on aliens, angels, and councils on the Other Side. Much of that I have read before, but never so much and with the certainty and matter-of-factness of Browne. When I finished the book, I didn't know what to think. I believe Sylvia Browne is sincere and credible in so far as she believes what she is writing. Moreover, everything she writes makes sense. However, whether the pictures she paints of the Other Side are unconsciously embellished to fit her preconceived views (formed by much reading of metaphysical material)is the question. Since nearly all of it is consistent with the information given us by other mystics, seers, mediums, regressionists, etc. I do not discount it and am inclined to accept Sylvia Browne as a woman with a very special gift.

Want To Find Out What "The Other Side" Is Like ?

I read with fascination, popular psychic Sylvia Browne's new 304 page book that she says tells all about life after death. The entire first chapter details her life and the lives of her ancestors as they relate to the spirit world. She goes into detail about HOW she knows what she knows. For some reason, I tend to believe what she says! Sylvia writes, that through this book she is acting as our "psychic travel agent" answering the five basic questions, "How do I get there?", "What does it look like?", "What are the local (people) like?", "What is there to do?" and "How exactly do I get back." Things that most of us would be "dying" to know. I have seen Sylvia on TV many times, and find her fascinating. This is a hard book to put down after you start reading. There's an awful lot of "facts" she provides for us to consider. It left me with a peaceful feeling about the hereafter. She believes that "The Other Side" is Home, where we all came from and where we will all go again, and that we carry very real memories of it in our spirit minds. She has researched her topics with an addiction, as she claims to be extremely naturally skeptical. She also claims that just as some folks have a God-given musical or artistic talent, others have received a psychic gift which is passed on from generation to generation. Whether or not you end up believing what she writes, you can't help but come away with food for thought. Most interesting !
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