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Paperback Jung & the Alchemical Imagination Book

ISBN: 0892540451

ISBN13: 9780892540457

Jung & the Alchemical Imagination

Jung and the Alchemical Imagination illustrates the spiritual nature of Jungian psychology and the debt it owes to the tradition of esoteric religion. Unlike other books on Jung and alchemy which contain a psychological interpretation of alchemical material, this work uses alchemy to understand the three cornerstones of Jungian spirituality - the self, the transcendent function, and active imagination. Through the interpretation of alchemical imagery,...


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Outstanding and Inspiring

If you are looking for a book that shows a step by step process for identifying and partnering with the emergence of the Self, this is it. Never condescending, always challenging, Raff uses well known alchemical prints to show the path to individuation which is really the art of identifying the guidance of the self and allowing the ego to partner with it, without impeding it. Bravo Jeffrey Raff for having such faith in your readers as to allow them to know what the Alchemists have always known: That everything that you need for your transformation in the eternal realm of this life is within you, simply waiting to be utilized and understood. Understanding this book, could change your life.

Psychological Alchemy

This analysand (4 years in Jungian analysis) finally found a post-Jungian book that breaks new ground. Students of alchemy, in any tradition, will find a treasure of meaning in these pages-- especially if you are interested in how alchemy and psychology relate to one another! Raff wells articulates the "transcendent function" in very understandable terms (even for a student not well acquainted with Jung's writings). He then postulates a concept of what he terms the "psychoid." And, that is exactly where the reader will find the pay dirt. I was especially thrilled to find a very concrete discussion of the individuation process using the 17th c. alchemical engravings by the German philosopher Lambsprinck. Raff precisely articulates & operationalizes--in psychological terms-- many of the symbols therein. Since I have been studying that particular set of alchemical symbols for ten years, I was thunderstruck with his discussion. I keep his work by my bed with a copy of my now worn out GOLDEN GAME by Stanislas Kolossowski de Rola. I could not put the book down because this author is a true Kabbalist, as well as a Jungian scholar/healer. Thank you Dr. Raff! What a treasure here!

Quick Path to Bliss

Ignore the complexity of the title. This book is the newest and best handbook on finding your myth. If you are serious about living by guidance from an Intelligence equal to "God", read this book. You need little knowledge of Jung , as Raffe does a great job making him easy to understand. But the power in this book is his focus on the THREE REAL STEPS you must experience as the world of the sub-conscious guides you. Raffe proves this process from the history of Alchemical (read source of all modern chemistry) "scientists". Mystics from world religions are quoted in their experience of the Divine as an Alcemical process. Raffe shows you how you can emulate their process of letting the Ego find it's correct place in your life. My journey goes back 45 years, and this book puts it all together for those of us who seek enlightenment where our heritage is Ocidental. Synchronicity is my myth, and Raffe accurately brings Synchronicity into focus as a major source of finding the sub-conscious guides waiting to help you find your bliss. If you want to know the riddle of what is the "Last Desire" before enlightenment, read the book. The changes associated with the real "straight and narrow" path of one's myth Raffe proves are time tested and proven logically, through the evolution of Alchemy as both real science and the analogy of our soul development. Alchemy and Synchronicity are magic, and both are paradoxical. Raffe shows us how not to fear the often sudden and frightening changes that emerge in a life tuned to expect and accept paradoxical events. And it's done in a non-demoninational process that can produce wholeness and bliss while living in a world of chaos. Raffe is a genuine man, and this book is not the source of an empty fad. This is the real thing, as good as any book from all of the post Jungian writers.

Spirtual Psychology

In this book Jeffrey Raff combines years of research into Jung, mysticism and alchemy with extensive practical experience teaching people effective ways to utilize the information in their lives. I think this book will become a classic of spiritual psychology and practical mysticism. Jeffrey Raff uncovers the wisdom that has been hidden within the Western spiritual tradition, dresses it in clear, readable language, updates it with the central terms of Jungian depth psychology, and grounds it in years of personal and professional experience. The result is the birth of a Way to wholeness and enlightment equivalent to Eastern meditation practices - yet fitting for the Western psyche. The Way is active and creative, providing tools for self knowledge, individuation, and human self expression while simultaneously reaching to the deepest spiritual realities. I'd recommend it to anyone interested in Jewish, Christian, or Islamic mysticism. By explaining the methodology of Jungian depth psychology and ancient alchemical processes in clear and understandable writing Jeffrey Raff creates a Western Way.

The Power of Imagination

Raff is a Jungian analyst and he takes some interesting leaps in this experiential and theoretical treatise of psyche and spirit. He begins with Jung's classic individuation theory, which he explores as a psycho-spiritual process expressed by symbols of union well known to western alchemists--such as sol and luna or sun and moon, king and queen. From Jung's foundation, Raff moves to both alchemy and the mystics of Sufism, as well as his own experience and that of his clients. As he extends into and beyond the realm of imagination, he posits a transpsychic world of spirit he terms the "psychoid". The adventure of wholeness continues as a blend of imagistic psychic and actual psychoidal experiences. For Raff as for the Sufis, the latter stems from the realm of quasi-corporal spirit which he considers the source of the archetypal psyche. Along with other recent volumes concerning the creative force of imagination, this work too seeks to evolve western psycho-spiritual theory and practice with insights based on historic and contemporary experience.
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