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Paperback How To Draw Manga Volume 18: Super-Deformed Characters Volume 1: Humans Book

ISBN: 4766114353

ISBN13: 9784766114355

How To Draw Manga Volume 18: Super-Deformed Characters Volume 1: Humans

(Book #18 in the How To Draw Manga Series)

Big things really do come in small packages It is no exaggeration to say that today one cannot discuss Japanese manga techniques without touching on figure stylization methods. This book thoroughly explores this topic, starting with the thought process and techniques used to draw the characters known in Japanese as "chibi." Most English-speaking fans call them "superdeformed," or "SD" for short-those oh-so-cute, smaller-than-life characters who are...


Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Sato book is the Best.

I have read a number of books on chibis/super deformed characters and This book is the without a doubt the absolute best. Sato gives you the history and mental atmosphere that goes into creating a real chibi. I recommend this book to young and old.

Cute and helpful.

This book goes over the basic stuff like how to do the head,the basics of the body,expressions, the difference between a regular manga charater and a chibi(nother word for Super Deformed charater)ect. Then it goes over the details like making fat people, skinny people, how and when to use chibis in comics,so on. It was a great book besides the fact there were a few naked chibis here and there (thats why I gave it four stars) but still worth buying! ~*~Purin~*~

It was very informative, and nicely done...

There were many different things that they talked about in this book, all regarding the drawing of 'deformed characters'. I found all that I needed to in this book, although there were some things (like some little 'in the nude' drawings) that made me lose some focus...

SD or Chibi Characters are NOT just Kids' Drawings!

Many people think chibi (or SD) characters are a kind of an art (i.e. gag) itself or that it’s so easy to draw, there is no such need for a book on this topic. It is, but chibi characters doesn’t necessary have to be used in gag or parody works; real life mangaka do sometimes use chibi characters in their works to liven up the atmosphere, especially when funny or comical parts are involved. Also, there’re many "secrets" which makes for a highly successful (cute or funny) chibi character. It can therefore be said that chibi characters can be considered an essential part of Manga, unless of course, you plan to do an entirely "serious" manga that doesn’t involve any humor or chibi characters. This is where this book comes in. Wonderfully organized with many details, hints and tips to drawing a successful and lively chibi character, the book is both engaging and enriching from the beginning to the end. The book first explains the characteristics of chibi characters, before moving on to how to draw chibi characters’ eyes, noses, mouths and even ears. The book also touches on the actions, poses and expressions of chibi characters, and also offers you advices on how to make your character even more Q! (or cute!). Apart from the characters, there’re also tips on deforming other things and props such as background, robots, trees, and even cars! Whew! Not to forget, there is a special bonus at the back of the book where you can mix and match everything in the face to get your own chibi character’s look and at the same time, hone your skill. Although it’s mentioned here that the reading level is for ages 9-12, I would like to emphasize again, chibi or super deformed characters doesn’t just mean kids’ drawings or drawings for kids, if you ARE serious about manga drawing, chibi characters is one area you’ll need to work on as well. A highly valuable, constructive and entertaining book; I recommend this book to anyone serious in manga drawing! ^^

about time for book like this to came out

Many typical Anime character designs feature heads that are just somewhat larger than would be proprotionally correct. is known as Super-deformed characters, SD for short or Chibi in japanese exagerate this deformation in the goal of appearing cute and funny.Artists often Super Deform characters in order to show an extreme change in the characters' mood. the goal of the animators is always comedic cuteness. Often done at the punchline of a joke for an extra comedic oomph.In this book its cover all the basics you need to know about this japanese style what covers in manga.I give it five stars because there no other book i know cover such a area
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