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Paperback How To Draw Manga: Guns & Military (Volume 1) Book

ISBN: 476611261X

ISBN13: 9784766112610

How To Draw Manga: Guns & Military (Volume 1)

(Book #16 in the How To Draw Manga Series)

This volume introduces the essentials for developing a basic knowledge for drawing various guns, accouterments, and the mechanics of combat planes and warships. Not only will this volume become the artist's brave ally, but it is also enjoyable by non-artists simply as reading material and a source of information and knowledge.


Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

4 ratings

Not For First Timers

This book does not give steps, and as such you must be able to draw from reference material to make use of it. As a reference book, it does fairly well. The guns are shown from different angles, and the technical data given assists with research (provided the selection of firearms lines up with your research). Flipping through it a few times, I've yet to see any errors. The book also gives reference pictures of aiming postures and uniforms, making it a good reference guide for artists who don't want to spend two hours on google images trying to find that one useful picture.

Nice Details, Good Book

I really enjoyed this book. It is great for learning how to draw weapons, not just anime style, but any style. This book really has little to do with anime. But the weapons are great. There are many different angles and bits of information, like how many bullets they use, what country used them and when, etc. My only complaint would be the lack of futuristic weapons. Also, don't expect knives or swords. It's just a book of guns (and some random motorcycles).

Good Reference For Weaponry

Like most of the How to Draw Manga series, this is more of a reference guide then a book on how to draw. The cover says Guns and Military, but it's mostly only guns (although it does have about 3 pages dedicated to Russian, Japanese and American police uniforms). It has over 22 different types of guns, and gets very detailed as with the types of bullets the gun uses, who uses them, and how to a person would aim them. You probably shouldn't get this unless you have some experience in drawing, since as I said this is a reference guide and it only shows drawings of what the guns look like, not how to draw them. The types of guns shown in this book are:Walther PPKParabellum P08Beretta CougarWalther P38Heckler & Koch P7M13Beretta M92SB-FKalashinikova AK-47Schmeisser MP40S & W M29Glock 17Wildey .45 MagnumNambu Taisho 14GyrojetMakarovRemington M31 Riot ShotgunColt SAA (Single Action Army)Nambu Type 94C96/M1916M1908 Pocket .25Colt Third Model DragoonWebley & Scott MK. VI (IV)Sten Mark II

Lock Stalk And Barrel

This book is really great for anyone wanting to include guns or other military realted tools in their manga or stories. The book is very well done and the pictures are accurate. The author has also included useful information about diffrent types of guns, ammunition, fireing styles, gun modifications used by shooters around the world. The other great thing about it is it is layman friendly, the author goes through alot of information that will help you better understand how guns work and why diffrent modifications and ammunitions are uses for diffrent purposes. Besides guns the book also cover accessories and some military uniforms from diffrent countries. Again I have to comment on the accuracy of the information. I've seen firearm encyclopedias that don't cover as much as they do in this book. It is really work getting.
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