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Paperback How to Deal with Your Back Pain and Rheumatoid Joint Pain: A Preventive and Self Treatment...... Book

ISBN: 0962994200

ISBN13: 9780962994203

How to Deal with Your Back Pain and Rheumatoid Joint Pain: A Preventive and Self Treatment......

Using simple words, this book explains back pain and rheumatoid joint pains as indicators of local dehydration, and demonstrates how new movements to promote fluid circulation in the disc spaces will result in relief of low back and sciatic pain. "Effective graphics help explain the human physiology, the role of discs and the body's need for water".--Library Journal. 33 illustrations. (Global Health Solutions, Inc.)


Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

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how to deal with back pain

Book came on time and is loaded with the right stuff. Solved my back challenge and others too..If you want to solve and strengthen your back for future use select this book. In my opinion and example it is the answer...Lew


Water: For Health, for Healing, for Life: You're Not Sick, You're Thirsty! No joke... as far as I'm concerned my back pain is essentially cured. It took me 3 attempts to get the exercise right . You must follow the directions exactly and rest 24 hrs between attempts. Immediately after the 3rd attempt , I was able to bend down without my knees buckling, and get up from a squatting position with strength in my legs.No pain in the morning. But I do have some pain if I sit in one position for awhile--can deal with that.Physical tx and chiropractic have been helpful but only remedial. This one exercise in the book cured me. Follow directions about diet and water intake.I'm now telling all my friends. Purchase any of author's books as well. Best Rx for staying healthy in case we get national health insurance when we will not have access to anything. This is an update(November 10,2008). I don't even think of my back anymore.I can sit in any position for any length of time. I still drink alot water but stopped all exercises because I have no pain. If the pain returns I will resume the exercises. This book is the best of all self-help medical books on the market!. A true miracle. Another update(March 17,2009). We had a bad winter and was able to shovel snow without any pain whatsoever. Of course, I did use proper posture. Still no back pain of any sort and that includes from any posture for prolonged time period, Also I can walk as much as I want.

hope health and healing

Dr. Batman is my hero..... I went to the doc to get some pain meds and she sent me to the hospital to get an MRI and they wanted to operate but the neurologist said he would see me the next day . He gave me three choices,surgery,cortizol shots,or 18 months to 24 months to recover from 3 bulging and one ruptured disc #5. After a month in a chair laying on one side---- at the library I found the Body's many cries for water....gave me some HOPE , which I had lost. The first back was emotions were improving and I felt better. Then I ordered some of his books online and they are GREAT! The back book is very helpful to understand what I am up against. The cancer book was very encouraging. Cancer can bring fear to anyone who doesn't understand there are some safe treatments available.And of course ,I had to buy the bodies many cries for water book. I will be ordering some more books soon and recommending them to friends , neighbors and family members.....Keep your mind open and receive the answers to your questions ,and receive hope , help, and healing. Haven't used pain meds for 30 days...just salt and water.

How to deal with back pain and rheumatoid joint pain

The "superhero's" stretching is what I call the excersises described in this book, considering the author's last name. My trainer was the one who introduced me to this book. He lent it to me for a couple of days but since I could not finish reading it, I decided to buy it. It's amazing how easy and uncomplicated it is to get rid of my back pain, even if it's for a couple of days. The excersises are simple and quick to do and the reading, although you will find some scientic descriptions, is easy.

It works !!!

This is what he says. "Drink alot more water and your pain will go away". I knew that was his message before I got the book but I was not convinced. The book explains why to drink more water and also offers some exercises that I was not aware of.And it works. Maybe its a coincidence but I have been trying to recover from a back problem for the last 9 months. In the last two weeks I have noticed a dramatic improvement and I have started to lose weight. It this continues this book is GREAT!!One drawback is that now I have to get up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Small price to pay.
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