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Paperback Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes [With Bonus DVD] Book

ISBN: 0345484045

ISBN13: 9780345484048

Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes [With Bonus DVD]

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

"The T-Tapp system is the ideal anti-aging workout. Highly recommended " -Nicholas Perricone, M.D., New York Times bestselling author The most efficient and effective workout you'll ever do Imagine an exercise program that requires no equipment, no weights, and no bands. There is no jumping or stress to your joints. Yet everyone gets results regardless of fitness level Created by renowned fitness expert Teresa Tapp, the revolutionary T-Tapp Workout...

Customer Reviews

7 ratings

DVD missing but good hardcover book

If the DVD is not going to be with the book it shouldn’t be advertised that it is. Hardcover book is in good shape but no DVD was with the book. I’m disappointed.

Didn't come with bonus dvd, otherwise fine

Bonus dvd stated in title, but wasn't with order.

Missing DVD

Haven’t read the whole book, but previous owner tore out the DVD and didn’t let me know before I bought it. No mention that this book did not include the DVD. Very disappointed.

Absolutely delighted

I have never written a review before but have felt it was the least I could do for what I have received from this program. I purchased this book on impluse, and at the time was committed to doing my free weights routine from Joyce Vedral's book (one of her many). I was about 3 mths into the Joyce Vedral program and was beginning to see some improvement (which is about the time period her bk tells you to expect). Not needing to try yet another routine I found myself buying the T-Tapp book. After reading it over the weekend I was truly inspired by all of the wonderful testimonies, before and after pictures and the stated benefits (beyond body shaping) that the book covers. I started the routine and was able to accomplish the first fifteen min routine on my own but was really left wondering if I was missing something in my form so I redeemed my coupon and bot the DVD for the Total Workout (which with the 30% off and the free DVD in the back it is a good deal I think). Let me tell you, I am SO impressed with the results. I fortunately don't have pounds to loose just shaping up. Ever since I had my son at age 21 I started a pilgramage of what workout routine would finally get me back into shape. I also thought in the back of my mind that one day before I was old I would like to exprience what it would be like to be fit again. I have done yoga (Bikram), pilates, gym with weights, free weights at home, callanetics, lotte burk etc. etc. The thing that most impresses me about this program is that the results are so fast. A couple of weeks in and I was really seeing toning, flatter stomach and most importantly losing back fat! I kept asking my personal trainer (during the gym work out days) how to lose that and she said more cardio, but I never could make it budge and now four weeks into this program it has significantly reduced. I can't wait to see the continued improvement. I have every faith now that my idle fantasy of having a fit figure again is on it's way (and some my argue is already here). And one last thing for all the moms out there nothing, and I mean nothing, has come close to the speed with which my tummy has reduced and is on it's way to being flat. I just had to share because this is a fitness program that has this 40 year old feeling excited and not afraid of celebrating my future birthdays. I have every expectation that I will be looking great (and feeling great as well).

This book is great! and T-Tapp is something to talk about!

I just wanted to start out with...Yes! I am a long time T-Tapper. I've also done all kinds of other exercises through the years like weight lifting, running, trampoline, power walking, aerobics, etc. And yes, I got some nice results from those things. But no, never in any other exercise program have I received all of the wonderful results that I have from T-Tapping. Those results not only consist of amazing inch loss but other wonderful and very important things like rebuilding of my body systems from the inside out, better digestion and elimination, better toxin drainage, no more blood sugar problems, depression has totally lifted, better skin, hair, and nails, and a new zest for life in general. As far as T-Tapp being a cardio workout? Well, whoever posted that T-Tapp wasn't enough because we NEED to do some cardio as well, has obviously never T-Tapped, or at least never done it right. Anyone that has actually done T-Tapp knows that it provides an amazing cardio workout, and also rehabilitates the knees, and that is why Teresa says that it is all you need. If you actually do the program and pay attention to the form you will see why it rehabs the knees and why you get relief if you have knee pain. I had severe knee pain when I started T-Tapp 4 years ago and it was gone within a month. I haven't had it since and I'm 44 years old. I was also very overweight when I started. Other members of my family have already had knee replacement surgeries but I will never need one. I think it is very important to know your facts before you post such nonsense as the KLT is actually harmful and isn't proper alignment. The book is very detailed on proper form which is really helpful in doing the routine right. The pictures are very helpful and the descriptions very simple and plain. The testimonials are varied and interesting. Something is there that everyone can relate to. The reason why is because Teresa Tapp is a real person that works with real people of every shape and size. T-Tapping isn't about being a Barbie doll, or a fitness buff. It is about rebuilding your body with rehabilitative exercises that help us turn the clock back from all the years of abuse. And, amazingly it really works! Teresa teaches all of us to be the best we can be, and to work at our own personal max. My personal max four years ago is very different than my personal max today after a serious car accident 8 months ago. I am so very thankful and grateful that I know about T-Tapp, and the rehabilitative parts of it because it has been very instrumental in my rehab program. There is no way I could have lifted weights, done aerobic jumping around, ran, or even walked. But I could sit in my wheelchair and strengthen and rehab every muscle in my body even with a bunch of metal and screws holding my leg, ankle, foot, and arm together. I could lie on the floor and do the floor routines also. All the while I was doing this, I was also moving my lymph, cleaning

Great addition to t-tapp workouts

I have been tapping since 99 before the website ever existed and this program worked for me. There weren't even any trainers available either. So you don't need a trainer to make this program work for you. To this day I have still never been to a trainer. Though it would be nice to help on form tips. This program has never let me down. I used to do free weights and aerobics 6 days a week and lost nothing! This workouts is truly a different approach to fitness. I love the addition of the book to help me keep on my toes as my form still keeps improving after 7 yrs of tapping. You will loose alot of inches alot faster than with other programs and believe me I have done just about alot of them and have never seen my body look as good as it does now. When I used to workout 6 days a week I was not as trim as I am now. Someone saw me recently and said I look thinner now than when I used to workout 6 days a week 8 yrs ago! Boy was I shocked that I even looked thinner now than then. I put in alot less time working out and alot less time stressing about working out. Also Teresa's eating plan for me is the best. It keeps me eating healthy and has worked better than any diet that I could never ever do any ways. Of course eating healthy is part of any exercise program but with t-tapp you can cheat more without freaking out you will gain everything back and it gets you out of the food obsessive mode so many women are on. Life should be enjoyable not obsessive stressed out days of worrying about how much time has been put into working out or how many calories have been consumed. If you are looking for a different approach t-tapp is the way to go. It is very different from what is being taught in most exercise programs but then I think that is what makes this world a wonderful place to be in at certain times. If no one ever stepped out of the "typical boundaries" about what one should be doing to loose weight or anything else for that matter this world would not have evolved to what it is now. I thank the Teresa Tapp's of this world and all the other people who have taken the risk to come out with different ways to think and be so that we can progress at being better people outside as well as on the inside. Thank you Teresa Tapp you have made my 40's a great place to be in! Thank you thank you!

Not just for newbies!

If you already have (like me) several T-Tapp videos in your collection, don't think you won't learn anything new from this book. Teresa finally has time/space to go into the science of the workout--not just what it does, but WHY it does it. She also gives EXCELLENT form pointers--I just did the beginner workout VEEERRRYYY slowly using her form pointers, and this multi-year TTapp junkie is feeling the difference. (and sweating!) There are invaluable reminders and form checks. Plenty of photos of the various poses and form check tips make it easy to follow. She's also made a few adjustments to the workout--a new (to me, at any rate) arm movement, the return of my favorite Lawn Mowers, etc. I've not checked out the DVD yet, but just based on the science and the form checks alone, this book is a Must Buy, even for seasoned T-Tappers. Don't pass this one up!
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