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Mass Market Paperback Dragon Wing: The Death Gate Cycle, Volume 1 Book

ISBN: 0553286390

ISBN13: 9780553286397

Dragon Wing: The Death Gate Cycle, Volume 1

(Part of the The Death Gate Cycle (#1) Series,  (#1) Series, and  (#1) Series)

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Format: Mass Market Paperback

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Book Overview

Ages ago, sorcerers of unmatched power sundered a world into four realms--sky, stone, fire, and water--then vanished. Over time, magicians learned to work spells only in their own realms and forgot the others. Now only the few who have survived the Labyrinth and crossed the Death Gate know of the presence of all four realms--and even they have yet to unravel the mysteries of their severed world. . . . In Arianus, Realm of Sky, humans, elves, and dwarves...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Completely original yet Fantasy to the bone

I am totally addicted to fantasy. I simply can't get enough of it, with the unfortunate result that nothing's really original anymore. You'll find a trace of Tolkien in practically every story and since I find it unlikely that Tolkien will be surpassed, other fantasy simply doesn't match up. Well, that's what I thought before I read Death Gate Cycle. This series is original in every aspect! The setting, the characters, the plot, even the races. Weis and Hickman don't stop at humans, dwarves and elves... The thing I like the most about this series is the convincing characters. They are so real and diverse and 'colourful' that they really pull you into the story. They will keep on amazing with unexpected behaviour. Another point to note is the lenght of the books. I can appreciate a long book (because I love reading!) but I know there are those who would prefer something shorter. All seven books are of a decent lenght, not too long but long enough to hold a complicated story. I don't feel that the authors left anything out to keep it short -there's nothing worse than a crammed in story- but I personally could do with even more. I'm currently in the sixth book and it is a sad thought that it will have to end soon. I recommend this series to all fantasy fans, especially if you're looking for something fresh and stimulating.

Top-Notch Fantasy

This series (starting with Dragon Wing, of course) was the first fantasy novel I'd ever read. My husband was "into" fantasy and recommended it to me. It was not what I expected at all and I have read the entire series twice since then.Dragon Wing is the first of seven novels in the "Death Gate Series." Long ago powerful sorcerers called the Sartans sundered Earth as we know it into four separate planets -- air, fire, stone, and water. Onto each planet they placed dwarves, elves, and humans, and of course many of their kind to watch over everything. They also created a prison world for their ancient enemy, the Patryns. I don't want to give away anything from the novel, but that is the set-up for the series. A problem with most fantasy novels is the "good vs. evil" plot. It's all so formulaic. Evil is dark, good is light. Even "The Wheel of Time" series and the "Lord of the Rings" series, the two most popular fantasy series, succumb to this pitfalll of fantasy writing. The Death Gate series has a much more intricate plot. There's no "dark one" trying to take over the world. It's more true to life in that there is no clear-cut right and wrong. If you decide to start this book, I want you to know what you're committing to: after the first fifty pages, you will be sucked in and forced to read the entire series. All other aspects of your life will seem trivial except for what is happening in your book. The plot becomes more and more intricate until everything will suddenly come together marvelously for a beautiful climactic ending.But I'm getting ahead of myself. This is just a review of the first book. There's only one real problem with the first book: it's not clear who the main character is. First I thought it was the dwarf, then Hugh the Hand. But ignore the review that says it's just a set-up for the series. Actually, the world on which this book takes place is my favorite of the four, because it is the most developed. This is an excellent book to start reading fantasy. The only problem is that it will spoil you. I haven't found any fantasy novel or series that is better, and since The Death Gate Series I have read a lot.Bottom line: read it, but know what you're getting into and make sure you have plenty of time to be addicted.

Book 1 of 7 in the Death Gate Cycle

Margret Weis and Tracy Hickman have done it again with this excellent start to the Deathgate Cycle series. We are introduced to the usual species...humans, elves, and dwarves (called Gegs). However centuries ago, a human race known as the Sartan sundered the world into four sections (earth, fire, air, and water) to prevent their ancient enemies the Patryns (another human race) from ruling the world. The Sartan then sent the Patryn into a special prison known as the Labyrinth. The Sartan hoped to teach them the errors of their ways as the Patryn slowly made their way to the Labyrinth's exit. Then the Sartan went about to set up the new worlds they created but before they could finish, they all just vanished."Dragon Wing" takes place on the world of air known as Arianus. Land masses float in various orbits in the air in one of three realms...the Low Realm (occupied by the Gegs), the Mid Realm (occupied by Elves and Humans), and the High Realm (occupied by the powerful human wizards known as Mysteriarchs). After many centuries, the Patryn have begun to escape the Labyrinth (which after the dissappearance of the Sartan became alive and evil) and are looking for revenge. Haplo is dispactched through the discovered Death Gate into this realm of air to learn everything he can about it and if there are any Sartan present there. While here, he encounters an interesting variety of characters including the human assassin Hugh the Hand, the strange and clumsy human Alfred, the curious Geg Limbeck, the mysterious child Prince Bane, and the powerful mysteriarch Sinistrad.This is a well written book and an exciting entry into the strange new fantasy world created by Weis and Hickman. They successfully take fantasy writing to a new level here and while this book answers a few questions, it raises many more. I recommend this book to fans of Wies and Hickman, Tolkien, and fantasy.

The start of an amazing series

Dragon Wing begins perhaps one of the most imaginative fantasy series of all time. The ideas, the themes, and the worlds themselves show to be the result of an incredible talent and imagination. It's the story of a race of humans known as Patryns, who are capable of powerful magic, equaled only by their enemies the Sartan. The Sartan sundered the world and imprisoned the Patryns in the Labyrinth, but now the Patryns are free and eager for revenge. But the story is not that simple. Throughout the series, one finds that good and evil are purely based on point of view. The line between good and evil is blurred in the traditional Weis-Hickman style. A wonderful series of books, full of action, suspense, and wonder. I would recommend no book higher.

The best there is.

This book is a wonderful intro to the world of the Death Gate Cycle. The book, in my opinion, moved just fast enough to keep one interested and yet still develop those crucial characters.I used to think that the Wheel of Time was the best series out there. Then I thought Lord of the Rings was the best. Now, I believe that Death Gate is better than either of these. I have also read numerous other fantasy serieses (this a word? heh) and this one tops them all. David Eddings, eat your heart out.Everyone should read this entire seiries, not only because it is a grand work of art, but because it shows us insight into the essence of humanity. Read it!Feel free to spam me with bashings.
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