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A Last Wild Place

A Last Wild Place


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Life at Wildernesse

Hi!The outdoors are especially important to our family ... we have lived in many parts of Canada, including the Northwest Territories ... where we built a cabin on a lake.This book concentrates mainly on a series of adventures with the fox population, their habits ... denning, avoiding/contacting humans, food - including caching, Hunts, rearing ... as well as the other story charcters like Moobli and Liane.I best liked the story from the human/aninal interface, life in the wilderness ... also ... experiencing controversies like the long established customs like the Hunt ... though recent news shows that it is possibly approaching it's end as a 'sport'.The Canadian mention was interesting ... though I'm not sure in what part of our country Mike lived.The pictures in the book added good value to the story.The only slightly negative thing that struck me was the constant reference to dead 'food' ... though I guess that is probably a true reflection on nature.If such a location still exists after these 17 years ... I'd like to consider it as a 'visit location' ... if I ever ventured to Scotland. Paul JarvisLloydminster, ABCanada

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