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Paperback 1897 Sears Roebuck Catlg Book

ISBN: 0791046265

ISBN13: 9780791046265

1897 Sears Roebuck Catlg

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

A facsimile of the 1897 Sears Roebuck and Co Catalogue, this title presents a glimpse of America at the end of the 19th century. It features products offered to consumers more than 100 years ago. It is suitable for collectors of Americana, social historians, and general readers.

Customer Reviews

6 ratings

1897 Sears Catalog in perfect condition. I like it!!!!!

1897 Sears Catalog in perfect condition. These catalogs were the internet of the time (19th century) Great history lesson of the times and how people lived. I like it!!!!!

True History in this catalog

This catalog is awesome. I saw one years ago, and couldn't put it down. It is amazing what our ancestors could buy. Like pills for "Weak Women". Wow. Its always fun to bring it out and show company, everyone is always so interested in it once they open it. This is not a thin catalog either, very thick and lots of pictures of products to buy from back in the day with original prices. They had more buggies to choose from than they do cars today. This is a keepsake everyone should have, oh.....did I forget to mention the womens underwear?? Boy have things changed!!!! And I had forgotten how popular hats for both men and women were back then, and the choices were unbelievable. Lets not forget the different kind of guns you could get and ammunition. Its just so interesting and filled with knowledge of our past generations and what they used, bought and needed compared to today. Loved looking at all the pictures of items to buy, there is a ton of them. Get it, you will be impressed. Teri in Houston

The Internet of the 19th Century

Imagine having an invention which would allow you to review various products from the comfort of your own home. An invention which would enable you to purchase food, clothing, books, tools, medicines, transportation, furniture and virtually any other consumer need. An invention which would permit you to choose various delivery options which varied by cost and speed. Oh and by the way the year is 1897. After reading this book I have to say that the 1897 Sears Roebuck Catalogue was truly the Internet of its day. The book lists literally thousands of items which could all be purchased from the Sears Roebuck Company. Many of the items are farming equipment and provide a look at what was needed to raise food in the small family ran farms of the day as opposed to our world of largely corporate farming. The drawings of the home entertainment options available show how much easier we have it today. The product descriptions, especially of the medical products are eye opening (you could actually buy opium) and the overall feel is that a person in the late 1800s, even if stuck in a small rural town, truly had access to the world provided he had a copy of the Sears Roebuck Catalogue.

1897 Sears Catalogue

I love it! It is fun to look at the the prices of the items that were sold back at the turn of the century.

A portal to another time

This book is utterly fascinating for those who hold any sort of interest in bygone times. While not a step-by-step guide, it inadvertantly thrusts the reader into the role of a home owner of limited means in the late 1800s. You find yourself shopping, suckered in by the richly worded item desciptions and enticed by the promises of "best on the market," "guaranteed for a lifetime," and "will cure all diseases of the nervous system." Unconsciously, you create your own little shopping list and envision a home where the husband builds everything from the buggy to the bathrooms while the wife prepares all the meals and pretties herself with skin whiteners and hair lotions. I am so glad to have bought this catalogue. I use it as a writing prompt for my high school students, to encourage creative and analytical thought, and they delight in it. I implore everyone to investigate this book.

19th century gem

It is truly a window into the era of Queen Victoria and rural american life.
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