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Our program allows libraries to repurpose books they no longer want or need on their shelves. Libraries send us books, make money, and create space for new material. ThriftBooks receives good quality, used books, lists them for sale, and finds new readers worldwide, extending the life of books.
We put quality, affordable books into the hands of those who love to read.

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Library Program Benefits

Generate Revenue · Inventory & Sales Tracking · Monthly Payments

Promote Literacy Worldwide · Help Save our Environment

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Weeded materials no longer suitable for your needs

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Books find new homes via resale or donation to literacy programs

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All unusable books are recycled

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We do the listing, shipping, & customer service!

How it's done

With our large network of distribution centers, we partner with thousands of library systems in North America to repurpose their surplus books through easy shipping options, no out-of-pocket expenses, and no pre-scanning requirements.

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The Difference You Make

750,000 books processed every day

Over 1 billion books saved from landfills

6,000,000+ books donated to literacy programs

18,000,000 books sold last year

Want to know more?


How much does it cost to start your program?

Absolutely nothing! We do not charge a start-up fee, annual fee or a membership fee.

How do we get the books to you?

We offer several shipping options depending on your volume and facility. We use several delivery methods including LTL freight services.

Who pays for shipping?

We evaluate shipping charges on a case-by-case basis. Factors include the location, volume and frequency of book shipments.

How often do we send books?

As often as you'd like. Libraries send us books weekly, monthly and sometimes quarterly. Whatever works with your system is fine with us.

What happens to books that don't sell?

We either responsibly recycle them or donate them to one of our charity partners.

Do we need to pre-scan or send you a list of the books?

No! We want to make it as easy on you as possible. We just ask that you follow the basics on our Book Guidelines.

What types of books do you take?

We take all types of books including DVD's and CD's. We also take non-ISBN, collectable, rare and antiquarian books.

Is there a minimum amount we need to send?

We do not require a monthly minimum amount of books to be sent. In order to minimize the shipping expense, we recommend accumulating as many books as possible before sending them to us. But the amount really depends on the shipping option used. For example, we ask for 25 boxes or more for small parcel shipping (UPS).

Do you require a contract?

We provide a service agreement that states the basic terms of the partnership. The agreement serves as an important point of reference for both parties.

What if my books are stamped with the library name?

That is fine. We sell books with library markings all of the time without any problems.

What marketplaces do you sell on?

We sell on all the major marketplaces such as,,,, (Barnes & Noble),, and many others.

Can our Friends group use your service?

Absolutely! We partner with many Friends of the Library groups.

How often do we receive payment?

We send your payments monthly. If proceeds are less than $25.00 we'll wait until they reach that threshold to save on administrative costs and postage.

What type of reporting do you provide?

We offer a free data center that you can log into at any time to view your real-time account information. You can see your inventory levels, each book that has been sold, how much it sold for, customer refunds, and many more features.

Can we bring the books to you?

Absolutely! Our large network of processing centers makes it easy and convenient for libraries to drop off their books.

Do you take books without an ISBN?

Yes. We offer a special service where we evaluate and list non-ISBN, collectable, rare and antiquarian books.

Do you work with school libraries?

Yes, we partner with public and private schools, colleges and universities.

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