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When You Believe (The Believe Trilogy, Book 1)

When You Believe (The Believe Trilogy, Book 1)


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Chased by thugs, San Francisco poet Miranda Stead plunges through a door to what she thinks is safety. Instead, she finds herself surrounded by a bunch of paranoid, robe-wearing people who can read her thoughts. And then he steps up: tall, dark, amber-eyed, gorgeous Sariel Valasay - lured by her mind probably, and its deliciously wrong ideas.Sariel knows no ordinary human should have been able to break through to their world, but here she is, all lush curves, red hair, and snappy comebacks. As a member of the ancient Les Croyant des Trois, Sariel is sworn to protect her kind from the dark forces always at work. He never thought he'd have to protect her from his own desires. A simple touch would erase all memories of the evening from Miranda's mind. Tomorrow, he'll make her forget. Tonight, he only wants to make her believe.

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Excellent book

This is the first time reading this author and I thouroughly enjoyed this book. It had an excellent and quite different plot from the standard paranormal romance novels. The main characters were refresing and very likeable. I highly recommend this book.

Wonderful! A neat new world!

I picked this up at my bookstore on a whim just from how interesting the blurb on the back made this book sound - and I was so glad that I did! This book takes you into a neat, different, and wonderfully written world, with interesting, developed, complex characters, and a wonderful mix of paranormal with romance. The writing style is wonderful and I found myself unable to put this book down. I admit, it does spend a lot of time on the universe and general happenings, but don't let that sway you from Miranda and Sariel's story. It's moving, emotional, and just wonderful. And the supporting characters are interesting and full of personality. I have the next book in this series already and am getting ready to start it, eager to get back to Inclan's world!

Ms. Inclan Has All The earmarking of A Great Paranormal Author!

Have you ever read a book that transported you from ordinary to extraordinary, just by the words written between the covers? If you have yet to experience that feeling, then this reviewer has a book drenched in magic, provocative storytelling and characters that come to life before your very eyes. Breathtaking is a good description for this book! The best part, it is the first of a series with the next one coming out October 2006 called REASON TO BELIEVE. Miranda Stead is a poet living in San Francisco. One night after attending a poetry gathering, she is chased by three very undesirable characters. In one last ditch effort to evade them, she pushes through a closed door into something she could never have imagined in her wildest dreams... WHEN YOU BELIEVE is latest release and the start of an exciting magical series by renowned authoress Jessica Inclan. This story starts off fast paced and never lets up. There are twists, turns and the unexpected with each flip of a page. Ms. Inclan crafted two wonderfully and believable character that are easy to relate to. The perfect blending of back-story, dialogue and action, are what makes this book shine a little brighter than your normal, average paranormal novel. Ms. Inclan will truly make you believe in magic by the power of her pen and the words she weaves together. Miranda is one woman that has everything going her way: successful books of poetry and a man that adores her, yet all that seems to pale when she unexpectedly drops into the magical world of the ancient Les Croyant des Trois, where she will experience things that will change her life forever. A world filled with magic, sorceries, sorciers, and one very handsome and sexy man. If you desire something totally different in the way of paranormal reading, then pick up a copy of WHEN YOU BELIEVE by Jessica Inclan today. Ms. Inclan has all the earmarking of a great paranormal author, one I highly recommend. Reviewer Janalee Ruschhaupt Warrior of Words

It's Magic

This is the first book by Ms. Inclan that I have read and I have to say, I Loved It! The characters were interesting, well drawn, and engrossing. I fell in love with Sariel, Felix and Rufus, three Croyant brothers. Sariel was a wonderful wounded hero who fell in love at absolutely the worst time possible. Miranda, the heroine, is a poet thrust into a world she knows nothing about but about which she wants to know everything, especially where Sariel is concerned. She falls for Sariel at almost the first glance, from her awkward position lying flat on the floor of a dark bar. When the evil sorcerer and his evil mistress attempt to take over the world, its up to Sariel, Miranda and the rest of the Croyant world to stop him by any means necessary, painful though some things might be. How would like for someone to take away the most wonderful memories you've ever made with the love of your life? There are a number of twists and surprises in this book which make for an even more enjoyable read. Don't pass this one up! I just wish I could give it more than 5 stars.

A superb tale

On a warm San Franciscan night, Zaps poet contributor Miranda Stead heads to the lot where her car is parked, but neither are where they should be in fact nothing is right. Instead some testosterone types chase after her until she rushes through a door, falls, and probably breaks her ankle with people yelling at her demanding who she is and how she got here as none of them know how she did it. The group accuses her of being a lousy Moyenne spy she thinks they are crazy. Telepathic healer Sariel Valasay agrees to escort Miranda home as she has inadvertently dropped through a portal to the world of Les Croyant des Trois. He plans to erase her memory of their meeting and her trek into his realm as he fears for her and her world if the dark forces learn of a Moyenne penetrating the barrier. As they journey together, they are attracted to one another. However, he erases her memory of him, or at least he thinks he did. She refuses to forget, but unbeknownst to Sariel his memory of her is gone even as Miranda hunts for her soul mate. Though romantic fantasy fans will need to give this complex tale time to provide the background on the Inclan universe, readers will appreciate the wait once they grasp the nuances as this is a superb tale. Fans will root for Miranda who refuses to allow her memory of meeting her beloved to die and hope she and Sariel find a way to be with one another. Readers will believe that Jessica Inclan provides an entertaining deep thriller in which is the ultimate weapon. Harriet Klausner

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