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What Hollywood Won't Tell You About Sex, Love and Dating

What Hollywood Won't Tell You About Sex, Love and Dating


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Don't waste any time. Let them know you're ready to help them grow. Give them the straight truth in a book they'll actually read.

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This book is soo helpful

I'm 17 years old and I found this book really helpful as it covers so many areas that other Christian books manage to avoid or brush over. It really gets specific and is clear to understand for teenagers of both sex.

TEENS: You've got to read this!!!

This is the book that got me out of a destructive relationship. I was loosing myself, and I knew I wasn't feeling well, when a friend handed me this book. I read and I wept. It helped me realise what I was doing. The day after, I broke up with him. My story is no guarantee that the same thing will happen to you. But if you are a teen, you'd better read this BEFORE you get into trouble with a relationship. This book is a great step-by-step guide for Christian youth (But I recommend it for all teens). It starts with dating, goes through the difference between love and lust, what you can do right to make your partner feel good about him/herself, and how to correct the mistakes you might have done. There are specific chapters for girls, and others for guys. You won't know how much you've been needing the advice this book gives you until you've read it...

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