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Wedding Etiquette Hell: The Bride's Bible to Avoiding Everlasting Damnation

Wedding Etiquette Hell: The Bride's Bible to Avoiding Everlasting Damnation


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Covering such wedding staples as attendants, invitations, registries, showers, the ceremony, the reception, and thank yous, Etiquette guru Jeanne Hamilton will give numerous examples of bad etiquette that should be avoided at all costs, such as:-No bride owns the calendar. Insisting that everyone within your acquaintance had not dare schedule their wedding anywhere within a six month time period labels you as a classic Bridezilla. -Sponsored wedding, at which vendors who donate their services are offered the opportunity to put their logos on various wedding related paper products. -It is never wise to make bridesmaid offers while in the grip of fluttery, just-engaged emotions. You may have to rescind those offers later when you realize you were just a bit too hasty. Once having made the offer, it is extraordinarily ungracious to rescind it, unless you want a seething friend or sister using your engagement photo as a dartboard. -Enclosing a blank deposit form for a bank account bearing the names of the bride and the groom with the invitation.And much more! This is a hilarious exploration of how weddings can literally drive people mad.

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This book should be required reading for all brides!

I absolutely loved reading this book. I hated to put it down to go to work! Not only are the stories in the book shocking, they are funny and entertaining. I also learned a few etiquette rules that I had not thought about yet in the process of planning our wedding. I highly recommend this book for all brides!

a book full of great advice

i read this entire book from cover to cover and I found it to be not only hilarious, but extremely helpful, as it covers basic etiquette concerning weddings that maybe not everyone is already aware of. i guess the main thing is that it basically illustrates how doing little "harmless" things that an ignorant or just plain naive person would do (i.e. putting wedding registry info along with an invitation, "forgetting" to give thank-you notes) could result in people getting really offended and/or hurt. the examples (true stories!) are quite interesting and funny to read, and make you realize how you really don't want to become one of those bridezillas! This is probably the book equivalent to that show on WE (can't remember the name) featuring "bridezillas" going nutso during their wedding planning. The thing is, once you see how ugly and nasty people like that can become, you'll want to do everything in your power not to turn into one of them. :)

All brides must buy this book

I am a devotee of Miss Jeanne's website, so this book was exactly what I thought it would be. I am not a bride-to-be, but I have seen enough wedding disasters a bridezillas to know that this book must be read by anyone who will in any way be involved in a wedding. Miss Jeanne's inclusion of actual stories submitted to her as examples of what not to do, and her framing the chapters with the fictitious bride and bridal consultant is excellent organization and writing of this book. This book is not going to teach you what colors to choose or what flowers would look best, but it will deal with the important things, such as not looking or acting like a greedy bride and groom and when to ignore your mother for the sake of true taste and etiquette.

Must need bridal guide!

I thought this book was hillarious as well as a great guide for any bride to be. Anyone who has ever been a bride or attended weddings probably knows a horror story or two regarding them, and can really relate to this book. I am using the advice planning my own wedding, and it's a much better read than most of the boring bridal etiquette books.

How Not To Be a Bridezilla 101

In this appallingly correct and entertaining, Ms. Jeanne of shares her experience (sometimes painfully acquired) of scrupulously correct behavior for brides and grooms. Despite what the wedding indu$stry tells you, anything does NOT go today. Proving that polite behavior never goes out of style, Ms. Jeanne blows "traditions" such as money dances and family-hosted bridal showers out of the water, as well as debunking myths such as "the guest's wedding gift must equal the cost of their dinner at the receptions" (by correctly pointing out that receptions are FOR the GUESTS and NOT an after-wedding party for the bride and groom) and the prevailing notion that one is automatically entitled to gifts from friends. Should be required reading for every bride, groom, bride and groom's parents, and anybody else who wants to maintain an illusion of civilization in a world that's fast losing it.

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