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Vanishing Act (Jane Whitefield, Book 1)

Vanishing Act (Jane Whitefield, Book 1)


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"A CHALLENGING AND SATISFYING THRILLER. . .[WITH] MANY SURPRISING TWISTS. " --The New York TimesJane Whitefield is a Native American guide who leads people out of the wilderness--not the tree-filled variety but the kind created by enemies who want you dead. She is in the one-woman business of helping the desperate disappear. Thanks to her membership in the Wolf Clan of the Seneca tribe, she can fool any pursuer, cover any trail, and then provide her clients with new identities, complete with authentic paperwork. Jane knows all the tricks, ancient and modern; in fact, she has invented several of them herself.So she is only mildly surprised to find an intruder waiting for her when she returns home one day. An ex-cop suspected of embezzling, John Felker wants Jane to do for him what she did for his buddy Harry Kemple: make him vanish. But as Jane opens a door out of the world for Felker, she walks into a trap that will take all her heritage and cunning to escape.... "Thomas Perry keeps pulling fresh ideas and original characters out of thin air. The strong-willed heroine he introduces in Vanishing Act rates as one of his most singular creations."--The New York Times Book ReviewONE THRILLER THAT MUST BE READ . . . .Perry has created his most complex and compelling protagonist."--San Francisco Examiner

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Archetypal adventure, second chances

I thoroughly enjoyed this well-crafted suspense novel and the series it kicks off. The resourceful Jane Whitfield helps people whose lives have been damaged past any possibility of salvaging leave those lives behind and start over with a new identity. Given that this was the motivation that brought many settlers first to the New World, and later to the American West, this is the ultimate American dream. In an increasingly documented world, this is becoming less and less possible. Still, it is fascinating to watch Jane at work.

The best!

I'm not much of a mystery/suspense fan and most of the genre I've tried leaves me either cold or revolted. Thomas Perry's writing leaves everyone else far behind. Jane Whitefield relies on her intelligence, athleticism and her native wisdom rather than just whipping out a gun. I hope there will be more Jane novels to come. Thank you, Mr Perry!

Tense, Real and Original

This book was a happy accident for me and I am glad to have discovered Thomas Perry's novels. "Vanishing Act" is an amazing, original story of a half-white, half-Native American woman who acts as sort of a one person "Federal Protection" guide. She helps innocent people in danger disappear. There are several successful clients she meets in the first part of the novel and the dialogue is a true as can be. There is a constant tense feel to the narrative, as not only is this job dangerous, but Jane must prove herself each time, given her race and gender. The ultimate client she helps to disappear turns out to be other than she suspected and she is left to resolve a dangerous and deadly situation. Most impressive in Perry's writing is his attention to detail. Not only are all the Native American rituals and survival techniques explained in detail (and implemented), but his knowledge of the Adirondack Mountains is as accurate as a compass. Jane travels through real existing lakes, ponds, rivers and mountains. It's the kind of book that keeps you up well past midnight just so you can reach the climax and resolution.

A fast-paced, well-wrought crime novel.

A great book! A good, old-fashioned, page-turner with a twist: Jane Whitefield. Whitefield is a woman who helps people in trouble disappear to better and safer lives. She maneuvers through a world of crime and deception with stealth, cunning, and strength. Whitefield is also half Seneca and her Native American upbringing plays an intricate role in her life and is crucial to her survival. Perry has done a fantastic job. I hope there's more Jane Whitefield to come!

Fascinating premise, interesting character - kept me reading

Ever wondered how people disappear intentionally? Read this book and find out. Jane Whitfield is an interesting character and a bit of a rarity among male authors - she's a woman who lives a very different life and makes no apologies for it. She helps people in genuine trouble - not criminals running from the law - disappear into new lives. This book kept me reading until the end, despite disappointment in Whitfield's decision to help the person who comes to her at the beginning of the book with a rather unlikely story. Perhaps her need to believe is part of her character. Hopefully future books will explore her reasons for her unusual "occupation" - she doesn't take money for her work, it turns out

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