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Upgrading and Repairing PCs

Upgrading and Repairing PCs


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"...perhaps the most comprehensive book on the subject we've ever seen. It's incredibly well researched, well written, and jam packed with useful information."--Josh Norem, Reviews Editor, Maximum PC Upgrading and Repairing PCs is the definitive guide to the inner workings of your PC. Whether you're adding a faster processor or bigger hard drive, tracking down a problem, or just want to understand how the components of your computer work together, this book explains everything you need to know. Trust the one book that has become the de facto standard among PC professionals and enthusiasts around the world. World-renowned PC hardware expert Scott Mueller has taught thousands in his week-long seminars and millions through his books, videos, and magazine articles. Major changes in the PC hardware industry--including coverage of new Core 2 processors from Intel, Socket AM2 processors from AMD, and significant advances in motherboard chipsets, Blu-ray, and HD-DVD--make Upgrading and Repairing PCs, 18th Edition, an indispensable addition to every serious computer user's bookshelf...that is, if it ever leaves their desks. Readers from around the world trust their computers to Scott. Upgrading and Repairing PCs is found on the desks of teachers, students, hobbyists, repair technicians, and even law enforcement agencies that use this book to aid them in tracking criminals. New in This BookDeep coverage of the new Core 2 (8th gen or "886") processors, featuring the new "Core Microarchitecture"Cutting edge coverage of quad-core desktop (Kentsfield) processor versionsDetailed coverage of AMD’s Socket AM2 processorsCoverage of evolutionary changes in chipsets, including new versions of Intel's 9xx series chipsets and new 3x series Intel chipsets; coverage of new chipsets from Nvidia, VIA, and SiS has also been addedCoverage of the new DTX and Mini-DTX motherboard form factors from the newly formed alliance between AMD and ATIBeefed-up coverage of Blu-ray and HD-DVD drives/playersExtensive coverage of new GPUs in addition to heavy-duty coverage of SLI and CrossfireBuilding a PC from scratch--from assembling the hardware to BIOS setup and installing Microsoft Windows XP or Vista On the DVDDVD contains 2 hours of all new, studio-quality video--playable in your set-top DVD player and your computer! Scott digs deep into networking, showing all the components needed to build a SOHO (Small Office Home Office) network. Coverage includes network adapters, routers, switches, access points, cable/DSL modems, and cabling. Upgrading an existing network to gigabit speeds is also covered, as well as the latest wireless network technology. The DVD also contains a previously published edition of the book as well as technical reference material, a glossary, and an acronym index. Whether you’re building a hot new PC for home or work, or nursing an aging and ailing PC back to health, these materials prove to be worth their weight in gold to the serious PC technician or hobbyist. www.upgradingandrepairingpcs.comIf you don’t have a DVD player or only have a set-top DVD, visit to download all the video from the DVD in Windows Media Player format as well as the PDFs and other materials on the DVD! Plus, check out monthly articles, FAQs, and video from earlier editions you might have missed! Introduction 11 Development of the PC 7 2 PC Components, Features and System Design 253 Microprocessor Types and Specifications 394 Motherboards and Buses 2355 BIOS 4416 Memory 5097 The ATA/IDE Interface 5818 Magnetic Storage Principles 6379 Hard Disk Storage 66310 Removable Storage 70711 Optical Storage 74712 Physical Drive Installation and Configuration 85113 Video Hardware 88514 Audio Hardware 98715 I/O Interfaces from Serial and Parallel to IEEE-1394 and USB 102516 Input Devices 105917 Internet Connectivity 110318 Local Area Networking 115119 Power Supplies 120720 Building or Upgrading Systems 129521 PC Mods: Overclocking and Cooling 133522 PC Diagnostics, Testing and Maintenance 1367 ON THE DVD:A GlossaryB List of Acronyms and Abbreviations

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Great Book

The book is excellent except that the enclosed cd is not what I expected and would open only with DVD player, not computer. I would still strongly recommend this book to someone who wants to learn a lot more about computers and how to repair or improve them.

Complete and easy to understand

This book contains detailed information on practically all subjects required for working with PCs. If you need explanation on how to build a network, it is there. If you need information on how to change the CPU in your motherboard, it is also there. Historical additional details emphasize the didatic flavour of the book. Highly recommended.

Amazing amazing book

This book is amazing - not only does it contain everything current a person could ever need to know about current PCs (and if something new does come out, the author will talk about it on the included website), but the author is kind enough to include any previous edition of the book on the included DVD. I had thought that I was fairly knowledgeable about computers, and reading this has boosted that knowledge considerably. No repair tech or computer builder should be without this.

Great Reference!

This is the book you want if you need to know the technical details on what's inside a PC. If Scott Mueller continues to update this reference, I'll continue to buy it every few years.

A First Rate Reference Book

At first glance, one may think that this mammouth sized book is for power user's only. Afterall, it goes into exhaustive detail on literally every aspect of the modern PC. The book explains everything from basic maintenance, to partitioning a hard drive, to upgrading your processor etc. This new edition also gives extra SCSI coverage. But don't let the size and the technical jargon scare you away. This book is actually for everyone, from the novice computer user to the most advanced. Surprisingly, Mueller is able to take what is very complex and explain it with a clarity that any layman can understand. Added is a full array of diagramns and dialogue boxes with helpful hints and tips.Most people will never use all of the information that this book provides. Nonetheless, whatever you are looking for, I guarantee you will find here. Plus you will find it easily. Mueller arranges the book so that it is easy to bypass any unrelevant information and swiftly locate your particular need.It could be said that this book is to the personal computer what Gray's Anatomy is to the human body. It is a must for every PC owner!

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