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Uncle John's Fast-Acting Long-Lasting Bathroom Reader (Bathroom Reader Series)

Uncle John's Fast-Acting Long-Lasting Bathroom Reader (Bathroom Reader Series)

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The dedicated researchers at the Bathroom Readers’ Institute return with some fast-acting, long-lasting relief for fans who have been suffering without a new infusion of trademark trivia and obscure facts. Flush with all the usual useless (and occasionally useful) information readers have come to expect, the book eliminates boredom from the daily routine. Ever wonder what to do with Preparation H besides the obvious? Want to learn more about celebrity jailbirds or the history of the RV? Then it’s time to take the plunge! Other topics include the worst general of World War II, the origin of the shopping mall, space food, project invisibility, and famous Super Bowl ads.

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love these books. they have quick fun facts. I dont know how well researched they are but the guys love them as gifts.

Very Funny

It is a funny book. Some of the entries are urban legends though. I recommend buying it as entertainment.

short interesting facts

These books are great for a quick read. You can open anywhere and just start reading. Great for when you just have a couple of miniutes.

You really should get this book

I have read probably ten or so bathroom readers...and I would give every single one of them five stars. I'm absolutely addicted to these books, and I will eventually read all of them. Unfortunately, I didn't keep track of which ones I have read. The neatest thing about these books is that you can amaze your friends with the most obscure information! Like, when you are on an can say things like "Would you like to hear about the history of elevators and how they were invented?" can tell them amazing stories about things like "the gimli glider" (Google it). Keep up the good work Uncle John!!! (and the BRI Staff)

18 great editions and counting

The Bathroom Readers' Institute has produced another great volume of the best useless knowledge you'll ever read about. The only problem is that I still can't put it down when I finish my business. So, it is the end of January, I'm almost done with the book, and have to wait 11 months until the 19th edition.

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