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Truly Tasteless Jokes II

Truly Tasteless Jokes II


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One book wasn't enough. Demand was too great. The truly tasteless among us insisted on more outrageous insults, crude wit, and disgusting observations. Once again, no group is spared and nothing is too sacred to be ridiculed.

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Awesome Book

Love the book! There is no walk of life that is left out of this terrible humor! Had the book for years, and someone literally STOLE the book off the back of our toilet! Time to buy another copy!

Great fun at parties

This is a great book to keep in your back-pack at school, in your pants pocket, or your car's glove compartment for whenever you are feeling alone, or the weight of the stone. Working late? Depressed about your low paying job? Getting a bad rap from your parents? Had a fight with your old lady? Mad at the Jews? Getting a bad rap from Blacks? Been double crossed by a Pollack? The handicapped getting you down? Tired of all the homosexuals in your work place? Just pull this little sucker out for a quick glance, and it will bring your spirits back up. This book doesn't discriminate. It's got something for everybody. Oh, and it's also a great little party favor. Uh, that is... just so long as you know the people at the party. I mean, really KNOW them. I guess what I'm saying is be careful. As funny as it is, this book could very well get you killed. The other volumes even more so than the first.

Okay, it's SUPPOSED to be offensive...back off already!

I personally find this to be an indisposable book of dirty jokes. I mean, come on! It runs the whole gamut of everything from racist and sexist jokes to religion and animals. Yes, yes, it is QUITE offensive--BUT ONLY IF YOU CAN'T TAKE A JOKE. If you *can* take a joke, and a good one at that, then this book is a bible. I, for one, love it.So to all those who hate this book and think it's offensive smut: don't read it or anything else by this author.If you can handle very taboo but good jokes, read an enjoy!'Oh, and how many people from New Jersey does it take to screw a lightbulb? READ AND FIND OUT!

Funny, party hit, and outrageous.

A great book to read at a party, memorize the jokes and carry them with you. People will remember you for the rest of your life. The Dead Baby Jokes never grow old. So funny, but the title is true, they are Truly Tasteless Jokes.

My friend ownes this book and I think it's great!

I went on a trip to Mexico with a group of friends. My friend brought these books called Truly Tastless Jokes I and II. They were a hit. We never got bored

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