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True Hallucinations/The Archaic Revival

ISBN: 1567312896

Language: English

Publisher: MJF

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True Hallucinations/The Archaic Revival


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Tales and speculation about the mysteries of the psychedelic experience.

Customer Reviews of True Hallucinations/The Archaic Revival

synapses forming

This is an excellent compilation of two books by Terence McKenna. The price is cheap and the quality and quantity have yet to be challenged. True Hallucinations is about Terence's journey to the amazon. The second book included is The Archaic Revival, which is collection of essays and interviews relating to this great man. Terence was a great mind, who knows what he would be saying now if he were still alive. Perhaps we should take it upon ourselves to utilize this material to help us grow some synapses. This book makes you really think, and it forms moments of enlightenment with each page. Fans of McKenna should definitely check this stuff out if they haven't already. Great read.

McKenna at his most hilarious and tripped-out

Hilarious, journeyous read; over too soon. Join the McKenna brothers and their ragtag palls to southern Colombia, down river into the depths of the Amazon Jungle in search of ayahuasca equivalents, as they stumble onto cow-dung mushrooms (psilocybe) instead. Herein you meet Dennis M. as a young scientist at his most psychedelic; Terence M. at his usual gabby, lofty, and down-for-whatever self. This is my favorite book among all of T. McKenna's work. Guaranteed to make you laugh out loud, help you escape your humdrum world, and go, "Wow."

THE GREATEST STORIES EVER TOLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"True Hallucinations" remains as much of a sentimental, "favorite book" as I have; if I do still in fact have just one. I met Terence, albeit relatively briefly, at a conference in NYC in 1996, and his eloquence and ideas absolutely changed the trajectory of my whole life. This is a work that is an edge of your seat adventure tale that unfolds within the most gorgeous prose style you can possibly imagine. The fact that it is a true life story makes it all the more moving(especially in light of his recent death: April 3, 2000)and mind blowing. I've read, and reread this a few times over the years, and it still moves me as much, as any work I have ever encountered; probably even moreso.
"Archaic Revival" is the best "one-stop" place to find an overview of many of McKenna's major ideas. The book contains interviews, essays etc. on so many different subjects that I doubt that I could recommend a better book; unless it would be "True Hallucinations". While "True Halluciantions" is a story/novel, "Archaic Revival" is a more varied piece; though equally challenging and moving in it's own ways. The fact that these are available as a "twofer" is just great. Don't miss out. Order a couple to give out as gifts ! I did.

Pioneer Explorer Documenter Author Intellectual Genius

Some day the future race of humans (should we survive) will hopefully have access to texts such as McKenna's. So few have gone so far into that 'other world' discovered (in part) through the use of psychotomimetic and psychedelic chemical compounds. Building upon and expanding immensely the "doors of perception" concept that originated with Blake and was popularized by Huxley, McKenna examines the tryptophans in particular and the true glimpses into the unknown that they can offer. If you have ever wondered about the existence of a separate plane of reality, and/or are curious about recent scientific experimentation with psychoactive hallucinogens, do not miss this amazing individual and his valuable contributions to an obscure yet vital field of knowledge.

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