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Train From Marietta

Train From Marietta


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Dorothy Garlock's exciting Texastale of romance, intrigue and adventure is now in massmarket

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Be Careful Who You Trust

This book is set in the 30's. It centers on Katherine Tyler who leaves New York by train to go to San Francisco to work with her Uncle at a hospital. While at one of the stops, Katherine is kidnapped by 2 men who take her to a deserted cabin out on the plains. Hayden and Squirrely are rough men whose only interest is the money they want for Katherines safe return. Katherines father is wealthy and would do anything to get her back. He confides in his business partner for assistance unaware that he is the mastermind behind the whole thing. I will say the Katherine is saved and taken to a place that changes her life. I will stop here so I do not give the entire story line away. The book is fast moving, an easy read and enjoyable!

terrific Depression Era romantic suspense

In 1933 Katherine Tyler heads from her home in New York to work for her uncle as a nurse in a San Francisco hospital. However, her father's business partner William has his nephew Eddy Jacobs, boyfriend to Kate's sister Susan, abetted by two thugs (Hayden and Squirrelly) kidnap her in West Texas during a train stop. William plans to use her as a pawn to extort money and other valuables from her affluent dad John. Kate's desperate father ignores the warnings of bringing in the law; he contacts the Texas Rangers. In turn craggy rancher Tate Castle searches for and rescues Kate. Tate is shocked by his attraction to the seemingly frail city girl; she reciprocates his deep feelings. As they flee together she proves stronger than she looks, but his handicapped daughter Emily rejects her father finding a new love; even if Katherine is willing to give up everything for a ranch life in Texas. TRAIN FROM MARIETTA is a terrific Depression Era romantic suspense starring two likable protagonists, a realistic child with physical and emotional problems (though both are resolved too easily), and antagonists who range from insane to avaricious to desperate. The action-packed story line never slows down from the moment that William begins his plan until the final altercation with a crazed Squirrelly. A final twist will surprise the audience, but fits the key relationships between the cast and hopefully leads to another Dorothy Garlock 1930's thriller. Harriet Klausner

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Publisher:Grand Central Publishing
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