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The bestselling author of The Christmas Box now provides readers with an inspirational message which reminds them about the gifts they pass on to their children. Timepiece traces the poignant love story of MaryAnne and David Parkin as they struggle to learn the lessons of love, loyalty, and forgiveness in the face of tragedy. At the heart of the book is an unforgettable story of hope, and the source of wisdom MaryAnne shared with Richard in The Christmas Box.

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Very disturbing Christmas story.

I found this book hard to take as a Christmas story,but after you let it soak in to your mind it does have a loving meaning. The story is full off racism,arson,accidental murder-if there is such a thing.Its a disturbing read. Though it dont really work out in the end,it makes you grateful for what you have.

Love at it's Best

Timepiece begins the love story of David and Maryanne Parkin. The scene starts in 1908, when Maryanne and David meet. They get married and have a daughter, Andrea. This story is so well written and the character's seem so alive. It will capture your breath and your heart. Start with The Christmas Box and then Timepiece and finish with The Letter. It's hard for me to say good-bye to David and Maryanne. I feel like I was actually in the story with them. I could feel all the emotion in each chapter. Richard Paul Evans out did himself on this series. Get your box of tissues ready and take a ride with the Parkin's, you will not regret it. Your spirit will be lifted and you will think about this story long after your done reading the series. Additional characters, Catherine and Lawrence really make a difference as well. Such devoted friends to David and Maryanne. There is a mystery about Lawrence and one as well about their daughter Andrea. I can't reveal. You must read. Very, very, touching story. Enjoy!!


"Timepiece", is easily one of the best books I have ever read. It opens your heart and makes itself at home there, and continues to live there long after you have finished reading it. I will admit "Timepeice", made me cry, but it also made me think and take the time to be thankful for the gifts I have been blest with. Richard Paul Evans has given us characters we really care about and come to love. If you love a romantic, sweet love story you will love this book.


It's a real great story, and I'll treasure the book forever. It portrays a nobility that is not found in any title a person could have. Of course, in a jaded society, it means only hope, or at the very least, a memory of what was once right with the world.

The best of the Christmas Box Trilogy!

Of course, it's better if you read all three novels in the trilogy that tells the tale of the Parkin family, but if you're going to choose just one, let it be "Timepiece." "The Christmas Box" introduced us, briefly to MaryAnne Parkin, by then an elderly widow with a mysterious past, but "Timepiece" fills in the gaps and brings you in, through the vehicle of her husband David's diary, to a warm and wonderful story of true love and loss. Here you learn about Andrea, the little girl MaryAnne mourned beneath the famous angel statue. But most importantly, you get to know David and MaryAnne-their faults; their pain; their loyalty to each other, their daughter and their friends; and the strength of their love. Reading of the lives of David and MaryAnne Parkin is almost like hearing your grandparent's love story after they're gone. These characters really touch your spirit. I've just finished "The Letter," and, knowing it's the final installment, I'm really going to miss this family. Richard Paul Evans' talent for capturing emotion and his attention to detail make this book a delight to read. My suggestion to him now, is to go back and write about Lawrence and his Cavalry days...

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