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Through Indian Eyes: The Untold Story of Native American Peoples

Through Indian Eyes: The Untold Story of Native American Peoples

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A fascinating look at our common history as the first Americans experienced it. Lavishly illustrated, with hundreds of photos, paintings, drawings, maps, original illustrations, and rare archival images. The story is amplified by memorable quotations from native people.

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A Keeper

I love this book. I've read and re-read it countless times and it never fails to capture my attention again and again. I think it's well written and set up very nicely.

A good book on the subject

Reader's Digest produces good work when it comes to books of this kind on various subjects. I enjoyed this book. Well written. Nicely illustrated. A good source of information. Great for anyone who wishes a basic view on this subject.

Through Indian Eyes

This is one of the best books I've ever read about Native American life. Plentiful pictures and illustrations add so much to the subject matter. Truly great!


Insightful, very helpful. I am deeply grateful to the compilers of this book.

An American Holocaust

When you read this book, you will finally come to know of the tradegedy that befell our first Americans. Never before have I learned so much of the truth, that we were all somewhat aware of,but not really knowledgeable. How could this have happened to a people who existed so many centuries without disease, or lack of respect for the land. Not that their lives were without fault, as we know they did have strife among each tribe at times, but after contact with the Spaniards and the Europeans, life was never the same again. This book shows that after contact every effort was made to strip the American Indians of their culture, religion and possessions, and most precious of all their land, which in the beginning, there was no concept of ownership. The land was a gift that was shared by all to take was was needed to survive and give thanks to the Great Spirits that provided it's bounty. We still to this day have not done enough to thank the Native Amerians for their gifts of art, beautiful ledgends and spiritual beliefs. WE DID NOT ASK YOU WHITE MEN TO COME HERE. WE DO NOT WANT YOUR CIVILIZATION--WE WOULD LIVE AS OUR FATHERS DID AND THEIR FATHERS BEFORE THEM. Crazy Horse, Oglala Sioux

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