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The Toddler Calendar

The Toddler Calendar


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This book offers two- and three-year-old children exciting activities that foster positive growth and development in a nurturing environment. The second and third year of a child's life are ones of phenomenal growth: all of the sense are broughtinto full play. Children are continuously investigating their environment by observing, touching, listening, smelling, and tasting. The monthly activities in this book are innovative, high-interest activitieswhich are designed to keep children eager, busy, and ready to learn.

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mommy and daughter LOVE this book!

This book is FULL of activities, broken down by month. What I really love about it is that most of the activities are done with household items - no great expenses involved. Great for educators and for moms who love to educate their young children.

Great resources for teachers

As a toddler educator, I am always looking for new ideas to use in my classroom that are age appropriate and fun. This book is literally packed with great ideas! It's organized by month with ideas for every level of toddler development, from self awareness and body concepts to critical thinking skills. Tjis book is a must for teachers and parents of busy toddlers.

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