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The Schwarzbein Principle Cookbook

ISBN: 1558746811

Language: English

Publisher: HCI

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The Schwarzbein Principle Cookbook


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Describes the health advantages to the nutritional program, and presents 380 recipesTitle: The Schwarzbein Principle CookbookAuthor: Schwarzbein, Diana/ Deville, Nancy/ Jaffe, Evelyn JacobPublisher: HciPublication Date: 1999/06/01Number of Pages: 428Binding Type: PAPERBACKLibrary of Congress: 99026054

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A Lifesaver!

Dr. Schwarzbein has created a fabulous EASY program, and her recipes are da bomb! I have lost 15 lbs in 6 weeks, and it's been effortless - I could easily do this forever. Her food is delicious, easy to make, and REAL. There's no bizarre ingredients that you can't pronounce. And about desserts, well they technicaly aren't legal. But I've had dessert almost every day while on her program *and* losing weight. And I'm not talking about sugar free Jello! I mean real cheesecake, real chocolate truffles, real whipped cream on berries. If you get her other book, "The Schwarzbein Principle", you learn about what foods affect you in what ways, and how to eat carbs so that your system responds the way you want it to. You *must* get this program!

finally, a cookbook for busy lifestyles

To reply to the review below--you are correct, this cookbook is not for gourmet cooks. The majority of Americans eat fast foods and convenience foods. To make the leap to cooking regular balanced meals of real food can be discouraging if you feel you don't have time to cook or don't like to cook. The Schwarzbein cookbooks were carefully designed so that they would not be intimidating to the average person who is not interested in preparing complicated meals--the recipes are easy, quick, delicious and balanced.

Every Recipe is DELICIOUS

I have a vast collection of cookbooks and this one is the one I have returned to time and again. Every recipe is delicious and quick to prepare. This cookbook is perfect for any lowcarb regime. I have lost 26 pounds in three months using this book.

If you could only own one cookbook, this would be it!

The chef who created these recipes, Evelyn Jacob Jaffe has a superb grasp of the concept of eating balanced meals. These recipes take us back to pre-fake food days, when people ate three square meals a day of delicious real foods. The best thing about both this cookbook and her Schwarzbein Vegetarian cookbook, is that the recipes are so easy to make. All of the recipes have carbohydrate and protein breakdowns so there is no guessing. If you could only own one cookbook it would be either this or her Vegetarian cookbook. Using these recipes for one year will give you a completely new, beautiful body. I have been using these recipes since the book came out and I am excited with the results. Thanks to Evelyn Jacob Jaffe and The Schwarzbein Principle.

Restaurant fare, simple to prepare!

Anyone who follows Dr. Schwarzbein's recommendations -- or the Suzanne Sommers plan, or any of the other high protein, low carbo programs -- will find this cookbook to be a treasure! It is hard to believe such delicious meals also promote optimal health! I especially appreciate it that the recipes are very easy to prepare, all the ones I've tried used ingredients I already had in the kitchen, they're eye-pleasing on the plate -- and best yet -- every one's a winner, simply delicious! Whether you follow the Schwarzbein program or not, this book is essential for anyone's cookbook collection.
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