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The Party's Over

The Party's Over


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As her friends go off to college and she opts for work, Hallie Revness soon discovers that her role as prom queen, cheerleading captain, and girlfriend of popular Jaz will do little to help her in the real world. Reprint. SLJ. PW.

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9 - 12 Years Teen & Young Adult

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Her tough transition...

Just for a little background info on me, I have a BA in English as well as psychology. I worked as a children's library assistant for my first four years out of college. I read this in high school, and reread it years later when I worked at the library. This is such an excellent book for so many reasons. Cooney creates characters so real, you'll never forget them. Hallie/Helen had a lot of problems, but she never took the easy way out. Read this book, especially if you're in high school. I promise that you'll never forget it.

The Party's Over

For Hallie Revness, life is a party! Nothing else matters. It is senior year and Hallie is in charge. She has organized EVERYTHING, the sports banquets, the parties that are on the beach, at peoples houses, or restaurants, etc. Hallies' life is going perfect. She has a great boyfriend who is wonderful to her, she is the captin of the cheerleading squad, she is thin and fashionable. It's the end of summer break and everyone if off to college, except for Hallie. She thinks that everything is going to be the same, even after high school. She stays at home and can't find a job that she likes, but all of the places that she wants to work at won't hire her because she has no education past high school. Hallie's best friend meets new people and Hallie thinks that she is being replaced. Jaz(her boyfriend) also gets new friends and Hallie starts to re-think her decsion about not going to college, after she realizes that the party is over! I really enjoyed this book, because I can relate to Hallie. I am a really social person and I just want to have a good time. Even though I am only a freshman, I have been thinking about college and what I am going to do with my life after high school. Life in high school sometimes seems like a party! This book helped me realize some of the consequences of not going to college, before I mess up my life and make the wrong decsion. After I graduate will the party be over? I hope not, I hope it is just at a different

The Party's Over

I thought this book was awesome!! If you have ever felt like you are alone in the world, or you know someone who has felt like that I think you would love this book. When someone is very down and feels like they have no one in this world, what do you do? You try to cheer them up or you feel simpithetic for them, right? This is exactly what this book is about. About a girl who hates school and decides not to go to college with her friends after high school. She was prom queen, cheerleader, wonderful boyfriend, all anyone could hope for. when everone goes off to college, her parents also decide to take a trip around the United States since their youngest child has now graduated. She has to cope with the empty feelings inside her and try to move on with her life. This story is wonderful anyway you look at it, so if you didn't find my review helpful, I'm sorry, I hope you find the next persons review helpful.


I love this book to pieces. It is one of CBC's best books I've read so far. It is perfect to read on a dreary day. Hallie is a very well developed charactor and you can't help sympathyzing with her. I love this book!

It's not five stars, It's 10!

This book you have to read. It's so like me & all of my frineds, it's increddible. Haley & Jaz really set the book straight. You have to read this book if any. It's not too long, so don't worry. I finish it in 3 hours. I've read it 19 times, and I can't think of anything better to cul up in front of a fireplace & read. It's thrilling..........get it. You won't regret it. I promise.

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