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The Norton Reader: An Anthology of Nonfiction, Shorter Eleventh Edition

The Norton Reader: An Anthology of Nonfiction, Shorter Eleventh Edition


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a great collection

This is a book that you want to have for ever. It's a collection of prolific, talented, and history making writers of literature. Don't miss this book if you really want to improve your way of understanding and writing essays.

The Norton Reader

Excellent condition, fast delivery, couldn't have asked for more and all for a great price!

Norton is a reader

I purchased this for my non-fiction english class and have not yet read through all of it; but from what I have seen and from what I plan on reading outside of the course, this anthology is great! Buy it if you like essayists, controversial topics, or if you just like to read an occasional quick story.

This is far more than a textbook

The editors of this edition are to be commended. The essays they have collected are a broad cross spectrum of mostly American writings. The subject matter, approach and style of the essays assures that anyone who reads them will find more than a little to capture the imagination and stimulate thinking. Instructors who are used to a follow-the-arrows type of reading/writing text may not enjoy this work. There is very little intrusion on the part of the editors. They do not give step-by-step instructions for the use of the essays. Each work is followed by a few questions that may be used in a classroom setting and only one suggestion for writing based on the essay read. However, for instructors who have built their own courses in reading-based composition, this edition offers an embarrassment of riches to choose from. The text does not "guide" the reader into thinking about an essay according to a preconceived plan. Because the student approaches the essays without coaching (except for what a classroom instructor might give), the ensuing class discussion and the writing that is generated is far more "genuine" than with many other texts. Actually, calling this a textbook may be a mistake. I have lent my copy to many people who are not in college, and they have enjoyed the selections sufficiently to buy their own copies.

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Publisher:W. W. Norton
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