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The Little Prince

ISBN: 0590129279

Language: English

Publisher: Harcourt Brace & Company

The Little Prince


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4.91 stars - 5 reviews
Lowest price: 3.59

Customer Reviews of The Little Prince

Lo he leido cientos de veces!!!

Me encanta este libro. Fue uno de los primeros libros que me enamoraron, lo lei por primera vez cuando tenia como 7-8 años y de ahi en adelante lo he leido muchisimas veces. Habla de las aventuras de un niño extraterrestre que vive en un pequeño planeta y viaja a otros planetas en busca de amistad y de las respuestas de la vida. Es suficientemente simple para niños, pero suficientemente entrtenido para los adultos.

Timeless in any language

The Little Prince is timeless in any language and this particular translation managed to keep the beauty of St. Exupery's words and the little prince's charm.

everyone should have or at least read this book

I've Grown up reading this story. It runs in our family and I buy copies for friends as presents. It looks like a fairy tale with it's very simple picture book style but in fact it is a story and poetic prose of the deep philosophy. While not heavy handed so it remains fresh and the prince loveable. I think it should be in every library. I myself often refer bact to it to remind myself not to take myself too seriously but to take responciablty and to look at things from all angles.

A fabulous book that teaches the most important thing of all

'Le petit prince' is a fabulous book that talks about a little prince that loves his planet and takes the advice of his flower which seems to him the most beautiful rose. But a fox that he meets teaches him the most important secret of all life: and that is that you see the real things with your heart and not your eyes, that your eyes only hide the true beauty of being alive. Just by looking at a person you can't tell who they are. You have to become friends and look with your heart to see what is really in front of you and what you are missing. The world would be a better place if people looked with their hearts and not their eyes; and by reading the little prince's story, 'Le petit prince' will you come to know this. It is a touching story that taught me a lot about this world. Read it.


This book is simply to be kept at hand for a lifetime. Coming in a hardcover set, it will easily go through years of passionate reading. The story is halfway betwwen dream and reality. Providing readers with a child-like vision of life. For once it seems that adults might learn from children.... May Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince) also help you to see today's world from another dimension. With each new reading session you will discover a new angle, corresponding to your actual situation.... Multiple-side story, for a multiple-side lifetime.

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