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The Little Prince alma

The Little Prince alma

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A lovely story....which covers a poetic, yearning philosophy--not the sort of fable that can be tacked down neatly at its four corners but rather reflections on what are real matters of consequence. --The New York Times Book Review.

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Lerning German

This book is a great book for someone beginning their journey to learn German. It's simple with a great story behind it. Very recommended

This book is a life-long friend -- something new everytime!

My mom bought me this book when I was about 10 years old. I liked the pictures and the story captured my imagination. It seemed special, especially since my mom gave it to me. I read it again when I was about 16 and was blown away. I cried and cried. The insights I had gained between 10 and 16, I discovered, sat in the story, like little sparkling jewels half buried in sand.I read it again when I was about 22. Again, the depth of this little book surprised me, and again I was in tears. The last time I read it, I was about 25 and felt no less amazement than before at the spiraling depths of this simple story. (This book always makes me cry.)This is a book that grows with you. The story is enchanting and contains within its pages so many precious lessons, like little secrets -- keys to life -- revealed to the reader in stages, as the heart and mind grows and opens enough to perceive them. This book is a pure treasure, and I recommend it for everyone, young and old. I look forward to reading it again... and again... and again.


I was given this book to read for a high school French class, and I'm so glad I did. (If you're by some fluke reading this, Coop, thanks so much for introducing me to "Le petit prince"!) It may be classified here as "children's" literature, but it's so much more. This is a beautiful, moving story of the little prince and his journeys through planets and on Earth. It contains some incredibly deep philosophy and will make you appreciate the simplicity and innocence of childhood... and make you want to regain that outlook on life. I know that I'm trying to see the world as a child again....Et si vous pouvez lire ce livre en français, c'est beaucoup plus beau. Le livre en anglais n'est pas mal, mais il n'y a pas l'élégance.

Timeless in any language

The Little Prince is timeless in any language and this particular translation managed to keep the beauty of St. Exupery's words and the little prince's charm.

On apprend l'essence de l'amitie, et de la responsabilite.

Au premier lecteur de ce conte, on comprend une belle histoire d'un petit garcon qui fait un voyage epatant. Helas! au fond de ce conte se trouve une histoire de laquelle on se rappelle l'importance de la vie, l'amitie et fidelite, et la responsalite que l'on a vers notre planete. On se rend compte de la beaute de l'enfance, et que meme les adultes, nous devrions garder l'enfance qui se cache dans nos coeurs.

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Publisher:Harcourt Childrens Books
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