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The Hot and Cold Summer

The Hot and Cold Summer


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Rory and Derek were best friends but with Bolivia visiting next door would their friendship last?.

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a favorite

I first read this book at the age of 11. I still love it. It never fails to crack me up, and have me laughing so hard, my husband thinks I'm losing my mind! I will always keep this book in my collection, and I will pass it on to my daughter, and hopefully it will be one of her favorite books. It a fun read, and it's a fun story, and ever since, I have wanted to have snowball fights in the middle of summer with vanilla ice cream!

Marvelous and laughable !!!!!!

I like this book from the first page.It is about two bosom buddies,Rory and Derek.They will never do things separately.No matter what happens,they will stick together.That's what I like to have-someone around my age who has the same interests and hobbies like me.But when their neighbour's great niece,Bolivia,comes to their neighbourhood,Rory and Derek swore not to talk to her and also to ignore her.Rory hates Bolivia from first sight but slowly,Derek begins to like her.Then,something that never happened to Derek and Rory happened-a quarrel.Derek decides to go to camp and Rory tries to avoid Derek and Bolivia.Rory slowly learns to like and adore Bolivia.They do a lot of things that Rory has never done like making snowballs with icecream.There are a lot of comical parts which will make you laugh like hell.I won't tell you the whole story.But I bet you will enjoy this book and make it your favourite book.

Hot and Cold Summer

I like this book. My favorite character is Bolivia, a girl who lives with her relatives because her parents are in Turkey. The reason I like Bolivia is because she is funny. For example, she dumped her drink all over Rory! (Derek and Rory are friends but do not like Bolivia.) I also like Bolivia's talking parrot named "Lucette". I like it when Lucette chases Rory all over the house. I also like their friendship. An especially good part was when Rory and Derek (They have know become friends with Bolivia) have a contest to see who can eat the most pizza! They tie 5 pieces each. At the end they have a surprise party for Bolivia because she is leaving. They all get tee-shirts that say "Bolivia More Than Another Country" It's a great book!

HOt and cold summer

This book is about two boys and one girl.The girl Boliva, comes tothe city because Boliva's parents have to go to Turkey. She has to stay with her great aunt in Woodside. The little boys Rory and Darik said that it would not be the same. They do lots of sweet games. You have to find what happens. Read the sweetest bookHOt and Cold Summer.

The Hot and Cold Summer

One of my favorties. It's sequal, The Cold and Hot Winter, is also very good. This book is about two best-friends, Derek and Roy who's friendship and summer is interupted by a very unusal girl named Bolvia who is visting her grandparents for the summer. Bolvia tries to be their friend but at first they don't like her. Then Derek decides he likes her. This makes Roy mad and they have a fight. Will Bolvia ruin Derek and Roy's friendship?

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