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The Gemini Contenders

The Gemini Contenders


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Salonika, Greece: December 1939. In the dead of night, a clandestine order of monks embarks on a desperate mission: to transport a mysterious vault to a hiding place high in the Italian Alps. The sinister cache, concealed for centuries, could rip apart the Christian world. Now, as the Nazi threat marches inexorably closer, men both good and evil will be drawn into a violent and deadly hunt, sparking a relentless struggle that could forever change the world as we know it. Praise for Robert Ludlum and The Gemini Contenders "[Robert Ludlum’s] most ambitious novel . . . Its twist and turns carry the reader on a fast bobsled run. . . . A marvelously unflagging imagination."—The New York Times "A winner . . . one of those books you intend to put down after just one more chapter . . . suddenly it’s two in the morning and you’ve read the whole thing."—United Press International "A skyrocket of a book . . . The action never stops for a second."—The Plain Dealer "Packed full of excitement."—The Denver Post

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How did I miss this?

I thought I had read everything Ludlum had ever written, but came across this in a backpacker hostel. What a find! This book made me remember what it was I loved about Ludlum's writing, and reminded me that his older writings are better than all this stuff they're finding now that he's gone. Vittorio Fontini-Cristi is the eldest son of a wealthy Italian industrialist. His father's involvement in the hiding of a vault containing powerful religious documents leads to Vittorio's becoming enmeshed in events he doesn't fully understand. With World War II as a backdrop, he is hunted by many who want the vault's contents and protected by some who believe he will lead them to the vault as his life is transformed. He is never to escape this legacy, and before he dies, must pass it on to his twin sons--the Geminis who have both become involved in wars of their own. One son is career army with a Vietnam background, the other a peace loving war protester. They must cast aside their mutual dislike to once and for all solve the mystery that has always been part of their heritage. The book leads you through twists and turns, and the plot is classic Ludlum. He doesn't keep the story moving with useless dialogue and the characters are believable. The power contained within the hidden vault motivates many to devote their lives to it's discovery. You've got to wonder what it could possibly contain to drive people this way.This book is Ludlum at his best, and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good thriller.

A Spellbinding Book!

This has to be one of the top Robert Ludlum books that I have ever read. This book tells about an order of monks transporting a vault to a secret hiding place out of the reach of the Nazis. The head of the Fontini-Christi family,Savarone is actually the one who hides the vault with it's secrets. Ludlum's book tells of Savarone's son's trials and tribulations that he has to face as a result of the hidden vault.This book also shows the vault's influences on the lives of Savarone's grandsons. This book is an interesting fiction history of the secret vault. The ending of this book is also exceptional. Read this book. It is easily one of Ludlum's finest writings ever.

A classic, well-researched and believable!

Vittorio Fontini-Christi is the head of a highly regarded Italian family who harbours a deadly secret. When a vault from a religious order called Xenope is transported from Greece to Switzerland and Italy, his secret could alter the course of World War 2 - a secret which could shake the foundations of religion itself. From 1939 and on up to 1973(when this book was written, I should imagine), the feuding offspring of Vittorio - one a US Army soldier hardened by Vietnam, the other a radical peace campaigner, struggle to get their hands on the vault - but for what cause? Read on and you will be hooked. The action sweeps across well-researched European locations which I have visited and could relate to quite well, especially Rome and Milan. The action never stops and builds up to an awesome climax in the Alps. Unlike some of Ludlum's other books, the ending here builds up at the right pace - not too quickly and it certainly isn't an anti-climax - the last page will leave you breathless. A must read, and a Ludlum classic.

One of his best plots

Robert Ludlum proves that his capacity for plot creation is stellar. This novel rocks you with its pace and twists. After a hundred or so pages you ask, "What could happen next?" Ludlum keeps you on a fast paced run to find out what in the world is in the vault, and you sometimes wish it would slow down so you can make sure you don't miss anything. This book is wonderfully researched and I found myself turning back a few pages regularly in order to not miss anything. One of his very best plots indeed! Read it.

An unsurpassed plot!!!

Mixing fact with fiction, Ludlum created the read of my life with The Gemini Contenders. From the first pages to the final chapter, the reader is thrown into the suspensful, and often overly realistic scenario of which the plot is based. Trust me on this choice!--Randy

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