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Tender Loving Care

Tender Loving Care


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When the bandages come off, what will he see? Logan Phillips didn't expect to like his nurse, let alone find himself attracted to her. But Melissa VanFleet's gentle humor and sweet spirit soothes the architect's frustration at his temporary blindness. He finds she's tempting him down a road he's sworn never again to travel. But a little TLC can go a long way. Melissa realizes immediately that she would never fit into Logan's exclusive world. So when she finds herself falling for her patient, she knows she's in trouble. Once his vision is restored, she's certain he won't look twice at a plain Jane like her . . . but she'd love to be wrong!

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Tender Loving Care

Logan Phillips is suffering from a severe eye infection that has left him temporarily blind due to the bandages and the injury. Melissa VanFleet is the nurse who will accompany Logan home and care for him while he recovers for the next three weeks. Melissa notices right away that Logan is a very attractive man. She considers herself to be a plain Jane though and thinks even with his sight, Logan would never be attracted to a woman like her. When she sees a picture of Logan's ex wife who is a stunningly beautiful actress, Melissa is sure he could never want her. Logan isn't sure if it's her kindness, her sexy voice or her enticing scent, but he is attracted to Melissa and his twelve-year old daughter Wendi adores her too. Melissa soon finds herself falling for Logan, but is her love enough to heal the damage Logan's ex wife has done to his heart? Tender Loving Care is a tender loving romance. There's no big surprise or gripping mystery, it's even a bit predictable, but I really enjoyed its romantic storyline. This tender story of a woman who doesn't think she is good enough and a man who isn't willing to trust again is a quintessential love story. With endearing characters and a sweet storyline, romance readers will love Tender Loving Care. Nannette Reviewed for Joyfully Reviewed

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